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Goodson says Good-Bye

Former FC Dallas defender Clarence Goodson won’t be anchoring the San Jose Earthquakes defense as the Quakes had hoped when they selected him in the expansion draft. Goodson, who is out of contract, will instead make a run at securing a contract in Europe.

San Jose revealed this pretty significant information at the bottom of the same press release that announced the trade to acquire goalkeeper Joe Cannon. A bit of good news-bad news for San Jose.

The Goodson departure does help make FC Dallas look a bit better after leaving him exposed in the expansion draft.

  • George H.

    Now this makes sense. Goodson was too good to expose in the expansion draft. It will be interesting to see where he lands in Europe. He’s got some talent as well as size, but he’s never really been able to put it all together for a significant period of time.

    He’s still young (25) for a center back so this seems like the right time for this move. Perhaps being in a more competitive situation for PT will bring the best out of him.


  • Felix

    From what I understand, Goodson is going to sign with IK Start, which was recently relegated to the 2nd division in Norway. However, they are one of Norway’s more storied clubs and are stocking up to get right back into the top flight.


  • froboy

    I am a proud Maryland Terp who helped start the supporter group there and am thrilled to see a bunch of them have success at the next level (Twellman, Goodson, Mo Edu and Seitz to name a few) Fear the Turtle!


  • Lee

    How on earth is playing Div 2 soccer in Norway a better option than playing in MLS???
    Unless its England, Germany, Spain or Italy, Div 2 soccer shuldn’t be an upgrade, whether its Europe or not.
    Is MLS really THAT far off the radar outside of the USA?




  • Anthony

    His name is Clarence BADson. He isnt very good, he is going to a weaker league, for what amounts to slightly better pay than he was offered in MLS.

    Seriously he is no loss to MLS. Like Perkins, we will never hear of him again until he comes asking back into MLS 2-4 years from now.


  • Dan

    With Dallas signing Davino (and Goodson possibly playing in D2 Norway?!?!?! not sure I call that a better opportunity, unless he simply wanted out of Dallas) looks like Dallas took a big step forward!


  • Eric

    This worked out great for us Hoop fans. We really questioned it when they put in on the block but now it seems to have worked out perfedctly.


  • Freddie Footballer

    I don’t see how him going to play for a second division Norway team is helping him or the US National team. It might make him think he has a chance to get to a bigger team in Europe, but if you’re starting out in the 2nd division in Norway, how much further are you going to go? He can help San Jose, MLS a lot more and help us be more competitive this year.


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