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Osorio denies interest in Liguera, has sights on two European-based players

Red Bulls head coach Juan Carlos Osorio squashed rumors that he was interested in Uruguayan midfielder Martin Liguera, stating that he hadn’t even heard of the player.

"No player with that name," Osorio said when asked about Liguera. "I have different No. 10s, to be honest. He’s not on my list."

Osorio called his trip to South America last weekend ‘hectic, but productive’, saying that he went to watch two players and has decided not to sign either player.

"I can tell you that I am very sure of who I don’t want to sign," Osorio said. "I’m always asked who the two or three players are that we are going to sign, but again, I can answer that by saying we still have two more months to go.

Osorio did say that he is considering signing two European-based players currently playing in competitive leagues.

"There are two guys right now playing in Europe. We might sign them," Osorio said. "One thing I’m not going to do is rush."

Osorio wouldn’t reveal who the two European-based players are, but did state that the club’s most important positions of need are for a left-sided midfielder and left-footed center back/fullback.

  • Rob C

    Doesn’t get much more vague, does it? I guess Osorio likes the current crop of players for the most part, which is a good thing. There is talent on the roster, and it’s also good to have continuity from one year to the next. Still, I believe there are some holes to fill via signings, and I think Osorio knows that this is true. Hopefully he delivers by the start of the season.


  • Daniel

    And Boooooooooooooooooooo is an idiot. Shut up and allow JCO to make the moves the right way.


  • kpugs

    The “boooo” is just him crying like a baby, despite his precious failure fire receiving ridiculous allocation money and a ridiculous draft pick in trade. I wonder if our crybaby friend ever though why coaches are so eager to leave is great club as soon as they get a chance?


  • kpugs

    The only problem I have with not rushing is the transfer window issue. Now I know there are exceptions sometimes but I don’t see how signing someone after February 1 will get them here with the club before August.

    Hypothetically speaking, let’s say he’s talking about Eddie Lewis (complete fabrication by me). Won’t Eddie have to stay with Derby regardless…unless he can convince them to terminate his contract? And if that happens, wouldn’t Derby lose the fee?

    That is just one hypothetical situation but seems like it would be a disagreeable one for the European club(s) involved.



    kpugs: Angel signed with us on April 17th of last year. It may be more difficult to get players after the European transfer window closes, but it’s not impossible.

    Good on Osorio for taking his time. Let’s see whom he can bring in.


  • Dominghosa

    in other news….Szetela loaned to serie b side Brescia, which is sixth in the league.


  • Dannyc58

    Technically Angel was a loan I thought. Not a true trasnfer. As long as NYRB picked up the tab and kept his weekly wages, we didn’t pay a fee. Pretty sure if they wanted to, technically Villa could call him back.


  • Barry67

    Keep in mind fellas, the MLS transfer window is not the same as it is in Europe. I believe it runs until the middle of April.


  • Mario in SJ

    I believe that is incorrect. Angel was released from his contract. He was not on loan. As a matter of fact I dont believe MLS has EVER accepted a loan player.


  • Dannyc58

    Yeah guess I wasn’t exactly right, but I don’t get how a player could be sold in April at least in the Premiereship. Someone needs to explain that one to me, if these players are based in European leagues. Maybe they are Bosman transfers that will come in June? I don’t doubt that RBNY knows what they are doing, just would love an explanation of how you can get someone playing in a European league after January 1…


    Red Bulls are prepared in effect to take over the final year of Angel’s £40,000-a-week contract, and add a further 12-month deal for the 31-year-old.


  • Barry67

    Again Danny, the transfer window is for incoming players. The MLS transfer window doesn’t close until April. They can get all the players out of Europe they want until then because their (MLS) window will still be open.


  • Barry67


    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Ricardinho at FC Dallas is on loan right now. And DC United just got Niell on loan.


  • Dannyc58


    You mean that European clubs can sell their players at any time? I know MLS’s window runs til April–thats not the part the confuses me. Didn’t realize a Premiereship team can sell anytime they want, its just that the player has to be leaving for an incoming window.


  • Eric

    If I remember correctly, Toja was on load with Dallas last season until he was bought this season.


  • Anthony

    believe that is incorrect. Angel was released from his contract. He was not on loan. As a matter of fact I dont believe MLS has EVER accepted a loan player.

    Posted by: Mario in SJ | January 29, 2008 at 06:45 PM
    Landon Donovan in SJ when he first came to MLS, was a loan of 2 years. He was then recalled, didn’t have the best of times with Leverkusen (see : CL game vs Liverpool), and was bought by MLS.


  • Eugene

    I think the situation is that players can terminate their contracts if they clubs agree and the player is basically in the final year of the contract.

    I believe Angel was finishing up his contract (would soon be a free transfer) and out-of-favor at Villa when he came to MLS.

    Otherwise clubs have to pay transfer fees and, I believe, can only transfer players during the *international* transfer window. The fact that MLS has “transfer” windows at different times just indicates that they can pick up out-of-contract players outside the international transfer windows.

    If I’m wrong, someone please correct me.


  • Chris

    What matters is the transfer window of the team that the transfering player is going to. MLS’s transfer window lasts until April. That means any MLS team can bring in a player from any other team in the world until April. The window of the league of the team the player is leaving is not relevant. So when the European transfer window closes at the end of January it means European teams can’t pick up any new players, but MLS teams can (so if there’re any European based players that really want off of the team they’re on MLS is pretty much the only place they can go).


  • RS


    Maybe this would be a good topic for an upcoming post? Seems that questions like these always surface around this time. I’m sure you could correctly fill us in (or at least know someplace where it is explained). Thanks.


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