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Can anybody catch Real Madrid?

That’s the big question in Spain with the defending champions holding a seven-point lead in the La Liga standings. If Real is going to be brought back to the pack then Villarreal is going to have to pull the upset this weekend. The Yellow Submarine is 12 points back in third place and need a win on Sunday to keep alive its hopes as well as Barcelona’s hopes of catching Real Madrid.

If you really want to see the match, you are in luck. GolTV will be showing the match, which is this weekend’s best. It isn’t the only exciting match to put on your must-see list. The Boca-River rivalry resumes on Saturday evening on Fox Soccer Channel.

Here is the rest of this weekend’s schedule of soccer on TV:


10am- FSC- Middlesbrough at Mansfield Town (FA Cup).

10am- Setanta USA- Aston Villa at Blackburn.

Noon- FSC- Chelsea at Wigan (FA Cup).

2:30pm- FSC- Palermo at AS Roma.

4pm- GolTV- Osasuna at Sevilla.

4:30pm- FSC- Siena at Sampdoria.

7pm- FSC- River Plate at Boca Juniors.


6:30am- Setanta USA- Ajax at Vitesse Arnhem.

9am- FSC- Genoa at AC Milan.

11am- FSC- Manchester City at Sheffield Wednesday (FA Cup).

11am- GolTV- Atletico Madrid at Mallorca

1pm- GolTV- Barcelona at Athletic Bilbao.

2:30pm- FSC- Juventus at Livorno.

3pm- GolTV- Villarreal at Real Madrid.

3pm- Setanta USA- Lyon at St. Etienne.

7pm- FSC- Racing at Independiente.

  • Mauricio Cruz

    Why, because anything not EPL doesn’t suit you? You have Boca v. River, an excellent Madrid/Villarreal matchup, and some excellent teams in action like Barca, Milan, and Juventus.

    Take off those EPL goggles sometimes, you may just have a brighter view of the world….


  • Nick

    If you only have FSC, AKA Time Warner Cable subscribers, it is a pretty crap weekend for football with the exception of the Boca match. The Serie A games and FA Cup games aren’t too exciting.


  • Mauricio Cruz

    Fair enough. FSC alone doesn’t give you many options this weekend. Any reason why they aren’t showing Liverpool v. Havant (Great David v. Goliath matchup) or Arsenal v. Newcastle? I guess Setanta USA has first dibs even on FA up matches right?


  • Dannyc58


    Don’t lecture me on what to watch, I watch it all. Personally I don’t find this weekend exciting for games hence the part where I say:

    “in my opinion”.

    Thanks ever so much.


  • J-Man

    I’m so confused right now. On the EPL Fantasy site, it says game-week 24 fixtures open tomorrow. And now I see SoccerOnTV and there are no EPL games. What’s going on? The fantasy league is only for EPL games, no FA Cup.


  • Bob

    Well, if it is going to be exciting, the Real/Villareal game better be a bit closer than the first time they met this season.

    But as a Madridista, I would love to see Los Blancos score five or six.

    Iker Casillas has proven that he is the best keeper on the planet this season — probably one of the most compelling stories out of La Liga. I have not seen much written about him, at least not by the American soccer press. Real could have lost 4-2 to Atletico last weekend if not for Casillas. I hope he keeps his shut-out streak alive.


  • Quinn

    I believe there is (at least) one EPL game this weekend. Villa @ Blackburn. Then a bunch of games on Tuesday.


  • Jake Wright

    I can’t believe it, but I’m going to root for Rossi this weekend. Can Real Madrid blow it? Sure – of the last five or six times a team has gone into Christmas with a 6+ point lead, they’ve blown it about half the time in La Liga, I believe including a time Madrid coughed up a ten point lead.

    And not to sound like the Language Police or anything, but every time I read a phrase containing “the La Liga”, I want to scream. It translates as “The The League”. This isn’t the only site that does it, so I’m not calling anyone out, but it sounds like fingernails on chalkboard. Can we please drop the extra “the”? Pretty please?


  • Hincha Tim

    Just to clarify, the River-Boca and Independiente-Racing games are preseason games (a summer tournament). That being said, both River and Boca are going to field their first teams for the match and their has already been some trash talk between the two captains.
    River Por Siempre!


  • brian

    You think at least the fulham game would be televised at some point in time now that we added another american to the team, I know they’re bottom of the table, but sure plenty of Americans would watch it on fsc


  • Johnny


    Fulham don’t play til Tuesday the 29th on FSC 5:00 or 5:30 on delay. Come on Fulham!


  • eric

    Brian – don’t worry, you’ll see plenty of Fulham on FSC!

    I’m bummed about no ManU – Spurs, that could be a ton of fun with the way Spurs are playing coming in…


  • MikeinSD


    The Fulham Bolton match will be shown on FSC on Tuesday or Wednesday (I forgot which day).


  • Gaelen

    the liverpool and man utd FA cup matches are both on pay per view. Last round FSC showed the man u match a couple days later like they do with england qualifiers which were on PPV.


  • Joe

    I’m just excited for Ray’s call of the Villareal-Real Madrid tilt. With Rossi and Ruud playing in the same game there’s potential for both the Italian accent AND multiple horsie-face comments.


  • EDB

    one game during the weekend and its not on FSC.. that stinks.. i really dont want to pay for setenta but its getting harder and harder not to


  • Nick

    Even though I’m a Man U supporter I wish the Havant and Waterloo game was on FSC (I know it’s on PPV, but that’s $15!) those guys are going to have an amazing day at Anfield and it should be a great atmosphere, definitely believe in the magic of the cup. Makes me wish the US Open Cup was a bigger competition.


  • Bob

    Jake, the definite article is for the word “standings,” not La Liga.

    Root for Rossi all you want — that guy looked helpless against the Los Blancos (hehe) last game.

    I hope Ray uses his “hearts like pigs” phrase once or twice. And no doubt he will mention testicles at some point.


  • Eugene

    For everyone interested in watching the African Cup of Nations, the games are being televised on ART (the Arabic channel).

    That’s channel 131 for those with RCN cable. I’ve heard ART is available over Dish Network/DirecTV but not sure if it’s available through TWC or Optimum.


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