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Crew trades Ward to Colorado for Hernandez

The Columbus Crew has traded fullback Tim Ward and a third-round pick in 2009 to the Colorado Rapids for Argentine forward Nicolas Hernandez.

The trade is an interesting one in that the Rapids are acquiring a young left back after trading for a left back (Jose Burciaga) in the off-season. The Crew’s need for forward help is no secret but acquiring a forward who managed one goal and one assist in 21 matches last year may not be the answer. To be fair, Hernandez did manage seven goals and six assists in 2006 and could flourish playing in front of Guillermo Barros Schelotto and next to Alejandro Moreno.

What do you think of the trade? Share your thoughts below.

  • BellusLudas

    Those of us in Colorado have found that Clavijo is a very special kind of coach. He makes players better by trading them. Nico will flourish.


  • David - michfan2123

    Burciaga will probably play left back. Ward can play in other defensive spots, I think he even played defensive midfield in the past.


  • centrejack

    Sounds like they are getting ready to trade or sell Burciaga based upon the Ward acquisition. I am sure Ward is much cheaper, any chance they want to clear additional cap space for a quality striker?


  • Dave

    Good move for the Rapids. The key is the cap room that’s been freed up. It will become a great move if the money is spent on a quality attacking player.


  • mrcjanssen

    If common sense was gravity, Clavijo would be flying at supersonic speeds. He would be a gravity defying superman.


  • Bonji

    This is all about Cap space for Colorado. They trade a 130K player for a generation adidas player. The Rapids appear to be looking to sign Brazilian Reinaldo.

    I don’t think this means Burciaga is gone, I think it means the Rapids have more depth at zero cost. The Rapids unloaded their most unproductive forward from 2007.


  • Dominghosa

    Looks like the Crew saw what most of us saw of Ward in the U-20 World Cup. Which wasn’t much.


  • HSH

    I’ll reserve my opinion until I see how Hernandez does with the Crew. Obviously Ward wasn’t getting any playing time here so trading him won’t hurt us any. But like others have stated, its great to have zero cost Gen Adidas players. I wonder how much Hernandez will be making now.. hopefully not too much…


  • Josh

    Let’s not forget, Ward isn’t that good, he is still learning on the job. He is a nice backup, but isn’t a lock to start off this trade. And they got rid of a INT player for a Gen AD. Not a bad roster swap.


  • Dave Martinez

    Schelotto to Nico . . . . Schelotto to Nico . . . SCHELONICO!

    That is the idea the Crew has to shore up their front. I think Nico still has alot left – and I aint just saying it because I am Argie! Ok . . . maybe a lil bit . . .


  • Jim Steverson

    2006 Hernandez…..good trade for Columbus. 2007 production line….not so much. Columbus is woefully thin up top and this move helps. Now whether it simply helps the depth of a non-playoff team or helps give the Crew another legitimate scoring option remains to be seen.

    It could be Herron, Part II or Nico could flourish alongside Moreno with Schelotto dictating the attack. Hard to judge this deal in February……..


  • Hudson_Street

    Timmy was a good fit in C-bus, but business is business and while it’s sad to see him go, I am hopeful that Columbus and Colorado benefit from this trade. Nico should work up top better with Moreno than Garey or others would. I hope Timmy get better out in Colorado, just not when the Crew plays them this year. We’ll have to wait and see I guess.


  • Joey

    I like the trade. Good comments from others about the roster and cap space rationale. I think the Rapids just lost faith in Nico. Last year he had a neat goal on the road against NY, yet was invisible the rest of the season–a perplexing encore to a productive effort in 2006. The Rapids didn’t need yet another mercurial, inconsistent forward on the bench (along with Herculez Gomez, Conor Casey, Jacob Peterson, and Omar Cummings, not to mention the short-lived Roberto Brown and an out-of-shape Mexican int’l whose name I dare not mention). Hopefully Colorado is able to land an offensive addition. Colorado’s defense is looking solid, Bouna is awesome; if Ballouchy can regain his form and the team gets more productivity at forward, things at Dick’s Park in CO could be looking up.


  • eric

    I’m in favor of any Columbus trade that buts attacking talent at the end of Schelotto’s passes. Keep that man happy and in the league.

    As far as Colorado, it’s gonna be a while before I stop having the “what if” thoughts if they had sold high on Mastroeni and kept Beckerman.


  • Eugene

    Chase Hilgenbrink was acquired by Colorado as a left back and I think he’s competing with Jose Burciaga for the starting spot. So there are definitely two left backs on Colorado’s roster already.

    Now either one of them has disappointed or the Rapids are planning on using Ward elsewhere — like centerback or right back. If they use him at right back, it’ll be a good trade for them — an ineffective attacker for a developing defender who doesn’t count towards the cap.

    Of course, if Colorado doesn’t want Hilgenbrink, I think NY would be interested!


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