U.S. Men's National Team

Just a friendly? Don't tell Mexico and the United States

Good afternoon all. I’m writing you from, yes, you guessed it, my car. I managed to arrive somewhat early to Mexico practice only to find out that it is closed to the media. Now this isn’t a big deal but as I sit in my car and notice a variety of security camped out at a variety of locations I can’t help but fee like this is a lot of security for what is essentially a walkthrough the day before a friendly (Where’s Bill Belichick when you need him?).

This is no knock on Mexico because the United States does the same thing. The US team will train in Reliant Stadium this afternoon and it will also be closed to the public and media. Do they really need all the secrecy? Yeah, they kinda do. It’s a friendly but neither side is doing the other any favors by telling them who is playing. That said, it would be nice if the public could see an open practice and meet and greet some players. Ah well.

I’ll check back in after Mexico’s practice so stay tuned.


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