MLS- New York Red Bulls

Red Bulls vs. Hammarby (Red Bulls 3, Hammarby 1)


Red Bulls defender Eric Brunner (left) and forward Oscar Echeverry (right) go for a header in Friday’s match vs. Hammarby as rookie midfielder David Roth (background) looks on.

The Red Bulls are facing Swedish club Hammarby in a pre-season match that kicked off at 1pm Eastern. Here is the Red Bulls lineup for the match:




Goldthwaite ——–Brunner——————-Leitch


Juan Carlos Osorio has been using this 3-4-1-2 formation quite a bit.

Here is the Hammarby starting lineup and bench:

Kristoffer Bjorklund (GK), Mauro Saez Jarpa, Kleber Saarenpaa, Christian Traore, David Johansson, Claudio Dadomo, Louay Chanko, Sebastian Castro-Tello, Petter Andersson, Paulinho, Freddy Soderberg

BENCH: Rami Shaaban (GK), Ivan Tedengren, Nicklas Gustafsson, Simon Helg, Isak Dahlin, Sebastian Bojassen, Marcus Thornstrand, Haris Laitinen

Stay tuned for more details from this match as the day goes on.

Follow the match action below:


DAVIES UPDATE- A reader in Sweden has informed me that Charlie Davies missed today’s friendly because he was resting a groin injury.


FINAL- Red Bulls 3, Hammarby 1. Good first match for Echeverry and good to see the rookie, Eric Brunner, find the net.

That’s all for now. Check back in later for more Red Bulls news.


Still waiting for more updates. As for where Charlie Davies is, someone told me he was with the Under-23 national team. I thought that camp was over so Davies might have just been given some time off.


68th minute- Serna in for Wolyniec, Megaloudis in for Laventure.


Here is the Red Bulls second-half lineup: Danny Cepero (GK), Scott Palguta, Ted Niziolek, Carlos Mendes, Danleigh Borman, Seth Stammler, Luke Sassano, Hunter Freeman, Martin Nunez, Jerrod Laventure, John Wolyniec. This is the likely formation:







66th minute- Hammarby gets on the board with a Dodamo blast to make it 3-1 Hammarby.


51st minute- Hammarby has put some good chances together in the second half but have yet to beat second-half goalkeeper Danny Cepero.

44th minute- Apparently Kovalenko’s infraction was red card-worthy, but it’s pre-season so only a yellow.


38th minute- Yellow cards for Dema Kovalenko and Hammarby’s Dodamo. Nothing like pre-season handbags.


28th minute- Red Bulls rookie Eric Brunner makes it 3-0 after heading home a failed clearance of a Red Bulls corner kick.


14th minute- Juan Pablo Angel made the score 2-0 in the 14th minute when he converted a penalty kick drawn by Echeverry, who was taken down by a late challenge in the box. Red Bulls 2, Hammarby 0.


8th minute- The Red Bulls opened the scoring when Claudio Reyna found newcomer Oscar Echeverry with a pass. The Colombian striker finished the chance for his first goal with the club since signing. Red Bulls 1, Hammarby 0.



  • hsh

    Wow, Impressive to see a rookie running a 3 back system, even though he has two defensive mids to cover him. Hopefully Brunner works out for RBNY. The Crew supporters were hoping to see him in a black/gold jersey this year… But glad to see him starting even if its still pre-season .


  • Rich

    Ives are you in Sweden chilling some Swedish snow bunnies? Or are you in NJ following the game online somehow. Is there a site we can follow the action on?


  • Ives

    Rich, if I were in Sweden I wouldn’t be on a computer. 🙂

    I’m in Jersey, getting updates relayed to me by a source in Carson, California. The match is at Home Depot Center, not in Sweden.


  • Rob C

    No sign of vdB, Freeman, Doe…interesting, though we don’t know who will play in the 2nd half.


  • MikeinSD


    There is no U-23 camp right now. I know Jozy is on “vacation” but what about Davies?


  • Trex

    I hope this is not the start of a continuing trend with the back line. Goldwaithe and Leitch?? Maybe Osorio is just using pre-season to confirm that they should never see the pitch EVER in a real game. I’m gonna lose respect for Osorio real quick if he keeps put those guys out there with the first team. Man.


  • ElColombiano

    A great start for both Colombians, and Echeverry has already scored more goals then he did all of last season, hopefully this is a sign of good things to come


  • smorebs

    I think JCO is just trying things out, making people uncomfortable to see exactly what they can do. I don’t think we’ll know what he expects his final starting line-up to be until the go to South Carolina.


  • kpugs

    Mark, there are guys in that starting lineup who might play 10 minutes all season.

    Smorebs is right, don’t read into ANY pre-season lineups until maybe the last 1-2 preseason games.


  • David.

    I just e-mailed Ives but I might as well post it here as well. According to the official Hammarby website, Davies is resting from an injured groin. This however is said to be a minor injury and a precautional action by the management. (Link in Swedish).


  • Magnus

    Charlie was probably watching on the sideline, just not on the bench for this game. He’s with Hammarby on Home Depot Center for ten more days.


  • wendel

    brunner looks like he has the height be effective on set pieces. good to see him get a goal. same with echeverry.


  • Joamiq

    kpugs is right – a lot of these guys will barely play this season, if at all. It’s early preseason – too early to read into anything.


  • Richard

    3 in the back should be:

    4 should be:

    i don’t want to waste freeman…he could fit in the 3 back line too imo…


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