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Must-See TV: Roma vs. Inter Milan


If you are having some Champions League withdrawal after the amazing games last mid-week, you are in luck. AS Roma and Inter Milan are set to square off today in a match that could end the race for the Serie A title, or make it very interesting.

Inter has a nine-point cushion on the Romas with 14 matches to play, but a Roma win today would make that margin a steep, but manageable six points.

Fox Soccer Channel will be showing the match at 2:30pm. Are you stuck at work and can’t see FSC? You are in luck (maybe). The match is also being shown on ESPN360.com (otherwise known as the best thing since sliced bread).

There is other soccer action today, including the FA Cup replay between Middlesbrough and Sheffield United. German soccer fans will take note of the juicy German Cup derby clash between Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich today. The FA Cup match is being replayed at 5pm on Fox Soccer Channel. Not sure where you can see the Munich derby (anyone with suggestions is more than welcome to offer them up).

If you can’t see the AS Roma-Inter Milan match, don’t fret. I invite those of you who will see the match (and will be near your computers) to share your take on the action in the comments section below.

  • Graig

    I believe Munich v. Munich can be seen on Setanta. I know that it is def. on the Setanta broadband option at 230.


  • KLB

    1860 v Bayern is on Setanta Broadband. It will be getting me through my Constitutional Law class.

    Go 1860!

    Also, does anyone know if this is the first time 1860 and Bayern have played each other in the Allianz? Do they have a situation where they won’t be in each other way (much like the Lakers and Clippers)?


  • Andrew

    Yeah I’d say Braca v. Valencia is the second juciest matchup of the day, not 1860 vs. Bayern…


  • Peter

    I HATE ESPN. For the first time, I was going to try ESPN 360, and of course they screw it up. The Inter – Roma game just dropped off the list and became unavailable. Their bad overall coverage of all sports really ticks me off, but the soccer coverage and college basketball coverage is just unacceptable. Fortunately I am recording the Barca game.


  • eric

    Actual attacking moves by both Roma and Inter! I was afraid they were both trotting out the old 7-3-0 after the first 15


  • Brian

    The Inter-Roma match was alright. Some attacking by Roma, very little by Inter. Sad ending for the Giallorossi. The first caution against Mexes was a joke but he should’ve known better than to commit that foul while carrying a yellow.


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