You Write the Caption

You Write the Caption: The best for Beckham in Africa

Good afternoon all. As I do some housecleaning on SBI I found another old You Write the Caption whose winners I hadn’t chosen. It was for the following amazing picture of David Beckham during a charity event in Africa.


There were plenty of great submissions. The 10 best are after the jump. Enjoy:

10. And in recent news, Alexi Lalas was promoted to manager of FC Madagascar. (JAYBOY)

9. "Wait this isn’t where the Calivn Klien shoot is?" (CHRIS)

8. "Hey uh guys, I think I took a wrong turn, do you know the way to the Galaxy training grounds?" (SEAN H)

7. Timberlands…the new boot of David Beckham! (ALEX)

6. Capello’s watching this right? (MIKE)

5. So which one of you is freddy adu? (SOY)

4. "It became clear at the Galaxy’s first day of practice that spending most of the salary cap on a few star players wasn’t the way to go." (SBI)

3. "OK, last pick. I guess we have no choice, we’ll take the white boy." (ZUNGAZAN)

2. "We don’t want him, we had to have Bono last time!" (PAMO)

And the best caption for the picture of David Beckham in Africa goes to……..

1. "The always philanthropic David Beckham takes time out to help a struggling, rag-tag group of men in front of a small crowd…… And afterwards, he went to Africa to do charity work (NICHOLAS SKYLES)


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