MLS- New York Red Bulls

Red Bulls pass on Leonard and Serna

The Red Bulls will not be offering former New England defender Marshall Leonard or former MetroStars forward Diego Serna contracts, team sources told SBI on Monday.

Leonard and Serna were two of four non-roster invitees not invited to join the team’s next training camp in Austria. Midfielder Martin Nunez and former New Jersey Ironmen defender Mateus Dos Anjos were also left home.

Leonard had been seen as a candidate to be a left back and left winger but he didn’t quite fit as a left winger in a 3-5-2 and didn’t do enough to stand out ahead of incumbent left back Kevin Goldthwaite in a 4-4-2.

Serna was always a long shot to make the squad, having been out of the league for more than two years.

  • Seth|DCU

    Serna responded to the bad news by falling down and rolling repeatedly on the ground clasping his ankle.


  • inkedAG

    Thank the Lord about Serna!

    The big surprise is that Marshall Leonard did not do enough to stand out ahead of Kevin Goldthwaite. Can anyone really be that bad?


  • Matt

    So lots of news about players the Red Bulls don’t want to sign or scrubs that they may be inviting to training, but nothing on the one thing this team desperately needs – a creative midfielder. Are they any closer to doing anything about that glaring deficiency?


  • Danny

    I really hope Kevin Goldthwaite and Chris Leitch aren’t part of Osorio’s plans…I mean if he could let go of players like Doe, Kovalenko, and all the other guys…Why can’t he do the same to Goldthwaite and Leitch…Just send those two on there way out the door


  • NateP

    After not being able to get any first team minutes with the Revs last year despite their lack of depth, I guess I’m not surprised to hear Leonard hasn’t made it all the way back.

    Still it is a shame, after your early reports I hoped he had gotten his career back on track.


  • tfina

    How on Earth did he not do enough to stand out ahead of incumbent left back Kevin Goldthwaite in a 4-4-2? Did he chop off his left leg? Snort enough cocaine to make Tony Montana jealous? Sleep with the coach’s wife?
    Did Osorio get confused and bring Leonard Marshall by mistake?

    This is the same Goldthwaite who was the worst Red Bull player of the year right? Right?


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