You Write the Caption

You Write The Caption: The Best of the Beckham/Xavier entries

Good afternoon folks. With the MLS season fast approaching, and the You Write the Caption Queue now filled with three contests that need to be judged, SBI will be looking to power through them today.

The first of the YWTC contests is the one involving this beautiful picture of David Beckham and Abel Xavier at a press conference. Xavier’s hairstyle makes any picture humorous, but throw in Beckham and you have a masterpiece.


And here are the winning captions (And yes, they are heavy on the Giuseppi Franco references):

10. "Damn…Procede works! It really works!!!" (Oscillate)

9. Beckham is pleased to have Valderrama back in MLS. (Robert)

8. Claims that Beckham is spending too much time enjoying the Hollywood lifestyle were renewed when he was recently spotted on the set of Teen Wolf 3. (Nicolinho)

7. Press Conference with David Beckham and "Papa" to announce the release of the new children’s book "The Berenstain Bears go to a Soccer Game". (Zungazan)

T6. "My name’s Xavier Abel, I’m not putting my name on the line for something that doesn’t look F’ing retarded!" (Frimp)

T6. Beckham’s reaction after "I’m abel xavier I’m not putting my name on the line for something that doesn’t work" (J1)

5. David Beckham smirks as he realizes that putting Abel Xavier’s head in an Aero Garden was a brilliant prank (SBI)

4. David Beckham at a recent autograph signing with Little Richards grandpa (Charlie N.)

3. Beckham coyly smiles as Lalas unveils the signing of LA’s latest multi-million-dollar DP from Fraggle Rock FC.(Mike Caramba)

2. Becks: "Guisseppe Franco told me he was gonna keep it simple for my mate…" (Sean H)

1. "Two men enter, one man leaves" (Luis)

For those of you missing the reference for No. 1, it’s from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Yes, the movie is more than 20 years old, but the reference was classic. Here’s the proof:

And yes, I did sneak one of my own in, but I had to do it.

Share your thoughts on these winning entries, and the best ones to miss the cut, below.


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