MLS- Toronto FC

Kansas City Wizards at Toronto FC: Your Running Commentary


The Kansas City Wizards travel to Canada today to take on a streaking Toronto FC squad that is looking for a third-straight win. Can the Wizards, who handed the Chicago Fire its first loss last week, continue being road warriors with a win in the hostile environment of BMO Field?

There will be some good match-ups here, including Jimmy Conrad vs. Danny Dichio, Amado Guevara vs. Kerry Zavagnin, Claudio Lopez vs. Jim Brennan and Laurent Robert vs. Chance Myers.

The match is set for a 3:30 p.m. kickoff. If you plan on watching the match, or want somewhere to follow it, please do so here. Those of you able to see the match are welcome to share your thoughts, views and play-by-play on the match in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.

  • David Berger

    I can watch Wigan vs. Reading TAPE DELAY but not a live MLS match.

    Lame. FSC should be showing the TFC game.


  • kilmier

    If you haven’t been watching, this game has been very exciting. Both teams are playing well, TFC is really going for it after 25min


  • Haig

    Guevara and Wynne look fantastic, and Bruce Arena is the color commentator. To his credit, he’s praising them both.


  • Lucidio

    Exciting to watch!

    TFC is moving the ball well. They are applying pressure on KC. I think they’ll be able to crack KC’s defense before the 90mins.

    I like for TFC to put one goal in early on the second half.

    On a side note, I was wondering where “sarcastic Bruce” had one.


  • David Berger

    I am sick of TFC fans throwing streamers when the opposition takes a corner. Support your team but don’t interfere with the game. Not cool.


  • Jacob

    By all accounts, sounds like an exciting game. Which is just my luck as I have no way of watching it.


  • Haig

    Guevara is having an amazing game. Gets his second with a goal of the year candidate, a free kick from 25 yards that swerves perfectly into the top corner.

    Bad news for RBNY: Toronto is good.


  • Furniture Music

    Guevara looked great and so did Marvel….

    but the Bulls have Toronto’s number and Guevara rarely has good back to back games so

    kiss that winning streak goodbye TFC fans the Bulls are coming to town…


  • Sean

    Watched the last 35 minutes on MLSLive.tv, and Toronto is completely unrecognizable as the stumblebum shitbirds of ’07. This team has a legit chance – Guevara is playing as well as I’ve ever seen him, and Mo Edu will be the best midfielder in the league by the playoffs, if he isn’t transferred out for truckload of cash.

    Of course they’re thin, but what team in this league has legit depth? 2+ mil doesn’t pay for depth.


  • Spencer

    You can’t say the NYRB has TFC’s number. They have only been in the league one year.


  • Geoff

    I’m headed to the Energy drink @ TFC on thursday night…i’m feeling another brace from el lobo


  • Aljarov

    Great game from Guevara and Robinson in particular. KC suprisingly flat in attack.

    TFC could have scored 2-3 more but squandered good chances.

    2nd place – swett. Shame Mo felt the need to throw 6 points away before getting his arse in gear.


  • paul Lorinczi

    Leave the Toronto fans alone.

    Go to a game and do the same to their players. Up the ante a little.

    I mean…if everyone behaved liked them and showed the support they are showing their team, MLS would provide the theater everyone wants.

    It’s almost in Chicago now. Kudos to those devoted Firehouse fans that try to get the rest of us into the game.


  • SoccerMan

    I find it funny how journalists were dubbing TFC to be the worst team of 2008 without knowing what cap space they had left!

    Kudos to Mo Johnston for brining in these players and Carver for running a tight ship.

    TFC will make the playoffs this year, mark my words!


  • Geoff

    Heres my prediction for Ives’ best XI for this week.

    Guevara Guevara

    Guevara Guevara Guevara Guevara

    Guevara Guevara Guevara Guevara



  • ArteEtLabore

    yeah – Shep Messing kept calling TFC a ‘train wreck’. I’ll bet he’s eating his words now.


  • Matt


    TFC fans already have the biggest heads in the league. They could well explode if the team is any good.


  • Kyle


    TFC fans already have the biggest heads in the league. They could well explode if the team is any good.


    Funny, what you call having a “big” head; We call supporting our club… Up the reds.


  • inkedAG

    Good one Matt!

    Toronto fans remind me of the English National team. They think they are WAY better than they actually are.


  • Andrew

    I’m loving the irony. Americans complaining about Canadians having heads too big for their shoulders… or is this just a matter of Americans joining the rest of Canada in hating Toronto? Either way, it hilarious! COME ON REDS!!!


  • Steve T.

    Any support for any MLS team is good news. I’m a Metro fan for life, but am loving what toronto fans are bringing to the table. TFC is my second favorite team.


  • Revolootion

    I’m totally jealous of TFC now, not only are they the envy in terms of support, their team is gorgeous, they play exciting football and they are actually very good this season.

    I hope they make the playoffs, their fans deserve it.


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