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Paul Scholes blast lifts Manchester United to Champions League final


Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes delivered a clutch long-range bomb of a goal to help Man U top Barcelona, 1-0, in the second leg of their semifinal series, earning the Red Devils a place in the UEFA Champions League final for the first time since the club won the treble in 1999.

In what was a fast-paced match throughout, Man U weathered an early onslaught by Barcelona before taking control of the match after a Gianluca Zambrotta turnover left Scholes with a clear shot from 25 yards out. Long known for his long-range shooting prowess, Scholes didn’t disappoint, blasting a right-footed laser into the top right corner of goal.

Here is the goal for those of you who haven’t seen it (or those of you who simply want to see it again):

It’s hard to single out individual performances today for Man U when so many players stepped up. From Edwin Van Der Sar to Rio Ferdinand to Park Ji Sung to Patrice Evra. Barcelona had its chances but Manchester United held together and shut out a struggling Barcelona attack that failed to score in 180 minutes of soccer against Manchester United.

What did you think of today’s match? Share your thoughts below.

  • Mark

    I hate it when my job gets in the way of good soccer. That is a bomb by Scholes. Man do I hate that guy, but fantastic stuff from the old timer…


  • Dan

    Boy that was a nail biter. I just think Man United were definetly the better team, and Barcelona’s lack of height and lack of the final pass really killed them. And Zambrotta was terrible….just terrible.


  • Spencer

    I don’t like Scholes he gives away too many dumb fouls in bad places. But I won’t take anything away from that blast. Talk about a goal of the year candidate. ManU just outplayed them and clearly had the better chances. Even though Barce might have been on the other half more but they didn’t do anything with it ever.


  • doug

    Its all about Karma baby!! Scholes missed the final in 99 because of a card in the semifinal. Now he puts them through to Moscow.


  • doug

    Who wouldve thunk that out of the last four teams in the CL, the 2 teams with the most potent offenses comnine for 1 goal in 180 minutes.


  • Nick

    Amazing. Couldn’t be happier. I was on the edge of my seat for 180 minutes. Before the semis started I was expecting tons of goals, instead we were left with two nail biters, talk about stress!


  • Brooklyn Zoo

    I don’t know how to say this without just saying it.


    Sorry kids.


  • Modibo

    That is a sweet goal. He put terrific, er, English on it. OK, sorry ’bout that.

    My wife was just asking me yesterday if players deliberately curve the ball. I’m going to show her this video bc it captures the rotation of the ball in flight beautifully.


  • 4now

    Park Ji Sung may be one of the most underrated players in world football. Intelligent, mature, good vision and composure, great workrate, hard but never malicious, and his passing percentage must be %90 or above.

    What a player!


  • A.S.

    I don’t care how good Rio and Evra were, with Barca’s attacking talent, they should be able to score at least once in 180 minutes. Something is seriously wrong there.


  • Ed Ho

    Where are all the TFC fans claiming Guevara’s goal was better than Scholes strike?


  • Chris

    Does anyone know why the BBC blocks radio broadcasts outside of the UK? I had to way to watch or listen to the game at work.


  • 1982

    I was hoping for a Chelsea vs. Barcelona final. That would have been a perfect climax to that rivalry. An All-English final can be both good and bad. I just hope for a game of historic proportions like the 1999 final.


  • DMee

    Crackerjack by Scholes. He’s the reason I became a ManU fan all those years ago. I don’t know how anyone cannot like that guy.

    Ives was that you reffing the game? Center ref looked a lot like you I thought.

    Anyone catch that new Nike spot at the half? Thought that was pretty sweeta$$.


  • Felix

    Great an all English final…. yippee….. I can barely contain the excitement that I’m feeling over this incredibly enticing CL final….


  • George

    While I don’t mind an all English final, I prefer Barca’s style of play over Liverpool’s and Chelsea’s.

    I think Spanish and Italian football is more attractive, yeah I know they didn’t get it done in the CL this year, but I still think it is a loss to CL not to have two different styles of play in the Final. Just my opinion.


  • Savariesy Maldy

    Let me tell ya something when Man U beats the RED BULLS!!!! then ill give them there props lol j/p i hate barca good thing they lost


  • Erik

    An all English final that pits Manchester United against Liverpool would be EPIC. The two best clubs ever in England against each for the European title?

    Now if we get Chelsea instead, expect a snoozefest like all of their FA Cup and Community shield games.


  • Homey Boehme

    I would find it humorous if United fail to win a trophy this year. Even more humorous if both losses come to Chelsea. I still say too many top clubs play too many games, and ultimately the sport suffers. So many fatigue induced injuries to top players. United are stuttering at the end of a long season. The only reason Chelsea are so fresh is that a lot of their best players were injured for the first half of the season.

    At some point FIFA or UEFA need to step in and end the madness. It’s not just about $$$, it’s about football/futbol/soccer.


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