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Red Bulls Update: Reyna, Freeman and Richards train, Boyens trials and Leitch looks to rebound


                                                     Photo by ISI Photos

Good afternoon folks. I’m back from Red Bulls practice and have some updates for you on Claudio Reyna, Hunter Freeman, Dane Richards and Andrew Boyens.

Red Bulls captain Claudio Reyna took part in training on Thursday and looks like a safe bet to be in the starting lineup for Sunday’s match against San Jose. Reyna sat out training earlier in the week with a knee injury suffered in the team’s 1-1 tie vs. New England on Saturday.

Red Bulls defender Hunter Freeman and midfielder Dane Richards also took part in training as they work their ways back from lengthy injuries. Freeman thinks he is far enough along to potentially be available as a substitute in Thursday’s match against Toronto. Richards is still probably two weeks away.

Free agent defender Andrew Boyens has shown some good form during his trial with the Red Bulls but it remains to be seen whether he will merit a contract. The Red Bulls would have to waive a player on the current 18-man senior roster in order to make room for Boyens.

One thing Osorio made clear as that the club can sign Boyens if it wants to and doesn’t foresee another team standing in the way. When asked jokingly if some team in the league might not pull out a mysterious discovery claim on Boyens, Osorio put his head down, put his hand to his brow and said with a smile, "I hope not."

Osorio also mentioned tht he expected to rotate his squad between Sunday’s match against San Jose and Thursday’s match against Toronto FC. Just how much of a rotation there can be with the team’s lack of depth remains to be seen, but it could lead to players like Mike Magee, Eric Brunner and Chris Megaloudis receiving their first starts of the season.

Chris Leitch’s poor display on New England’s equalizing goal isn’t going to earn him a place in the Red Bulls doghouse. Osorio stated unequivocally that he held no grudges against Leitch and that Leitch is a good pro on and off the field who will be in consideration to start on Sunday.

So what lineup might we see against San Jose? Here is my guess three days from kickoff:


Van Den Bergh——Magee—————Sassano




Share your thoughts on the potential lineup and any of the other notes below.

  • erik

    You said Freeman twice — might be available next Thursday and might be 2 weeks away.

    Which one is it?


  • emilio

    My thoughts are I hope thats not the lineup, because with Sassano and Leitch on one side of the field we will have some serious issues, as neither player will add anything to the attack.


  • briguy

    I actually like this lineup. Of course, I’d like it better with JPA and Freeman in the mix, but given the current state of affairs, I’m liking this very much…


  • Ossington Mental Youth

    Good for Andy.

    He was a pretty good player (young and needs to develop a bit) and sadly fell out of plans. Definitely had alot of heart in his game and i, for one, am glad to see that he may get some playing time. We more or less needed his international spot and the FO must have felt that it could be better used (prob for Tebily).


  • mikeK

    I think it’s Freeman hoping to get back in and Richards who is still some time off.

    Could JCO put out a B team against the traveling ‘Quakes?


  • Skinn

    Glad to see Andy’s on trial with RBNY. I think he has some potential–and really wish TFC had never signed Velez.


  • Amit

    It is really sad to see people wishing injury on players. That’s downright shameful.


  • Modibo

    “When asked jokingly if some team in the league might not pull out a mysterious discovery claim on Boyens, Osorio put his head down, put his hand to his brow and said with a smile, “I hope not.””

    Thanks for the image, Ives – it says a lot.


  • inkedAG

    If Andrew Boyens is signed, or any of the other trialists, was waiving a player a part of it? What if we had signed our other needs (left back and midfielders) would waiving players applied?


  • Chris

    Is anyone else getting the feeling that we as Red Bulls supporters are in for a long season?


  • Mark100

    Luckily it’s a long season! As long as we peak at the end of the season- that seems to be the blueprint for MLS.


  • AdamAlfi



  • Jean Pierre

    In the middle, not sure if Reyna’s knee can take the DM spot, although SJ plays 4-42 and it is only Grabavoy coming at them, Stam should have no problem with him.

    On the left, I would expect danleigh first off the bench again for DVB, for offense in the second half. I am clearly concerned about O’Brien though….

    On the right, actually I think Sassano’s Offensive lightbulb went on at the end of the Dallas Match, hopefully he will pick up from there…

    up top, i think woly is the right choice in the beginning because SJ pakcs it in… etch will be fresh legs later…and Jozy’s light has turned back on, i think he gets another…

    in the back, SJ has speed but lacks finishing….we should be ok….

    1-0 NYRB


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