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Tottenham lands Modric


                                                                                   Photo by ISI Photos

Juande Ramos’ first summer transfer period as Tottenham’s manager figured to be an exciting one. It is already off to a flying start as Spurs have landed Croatian midfielder Luka Modric, one of the most highly-sought-after players available this summer. The fee is being reported as a whopping 20 million euros (about $31.8 million for those of you who don’t know the conversion rate).

Modric’s arrival should provide a considerable boost for a Tottenham attack that has struggled at times this year. It should also mean the departure of current central midfielder Jermaine Jenas.

With this much spent on Modric you have to wonder how many more players Ramos will be able to sign. Will he find the goalkeeper he desperately needs? PSV star Gomes and Espanyol goalkeeper Carlos Kameni are on the radar. Will there be money left for a quality forward?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Chase

    Do Tottenham need another quality forward with Berbatov, Keane, and Bent??? They sold Defore because there wasn’t enough minutes to go around. Now I could see them buying another striker if Berbatov is sold…

    What they really need is another quality winger, someone to replace the always injured King (Dawson isn’t good enough), and a quality left-back (Lee Young-Pyo and a 32 year old Gilberto are not the answer for a team trying to get in the CL).

    Great signing though, Modric is class, I just always wonder where Spurs get all this money they spend…


  • Chase

    Oh and they definently need a new keeper, I’m sure that is their number one priority, as Robinson sucks and Cerny is only on loan and hasn’t been great either…


  • Max

    Great buy for Spurs. They have plenty of money, and if Berbatov goes they’ll have even more to spend (he’s probably in the $50million range at this point.) I’ve also heard Kameni as the main name for the gk spot, and don’t be surprised if Lennon is sold this summer.


  • Kris

    Modric is without-a-doubt THE # 1 under-the-radar player of the summer. Obviously the likes of Drogba, Ronaldinho, and now Kaka (rumored to be dangled out there at a 55mil Euro price!) are more block-buster.

    Kameni is next in line for Tottenham, it’s almost official for that.

    I read on transfermarketweb.com that they are eyeing up a bid for Eto’o since he’s on the way out at Barca. But so are Ronaldinho and Henry, so maybe they’ll get Henry too.

    Anyways, to answer your question, Ives, I have a feeling they only get a top forward if they sell Berbatov. If they don’t sell him, then I don’t think they’ll spend the money to land one. Their problem was at GK and Midfield, and I think they realize that.


  • Carefree

    Max – There’s no way that Spurs will get Henry. I’m sure they want him, but Henry would never go to Spurs. Ever.


  • eric

    I wonder how this affects Berbatov, he’s made so many public demands to be sold to a Champion’s League team. At the very least, I think they still need to sign a major defender, you can be sure he knows the back line isn’t nearly good enough to make it deep into CL even if the strike force is. But it sure sounds like Berbatov wants to be sold to a team that is qualified for next year, not go thru another campaign with Spurs trying to make it.

    I still think Berbatov is going to end up on Barca, replacing all those players on the way out of the Nou Camp. Hmmm, maybe Tottenham can snag Eto’o??? I bet Berbatov fetches more on the transfer market then he does, and agreed that Henry wouldn’t play for Tottenham.


  • THFC

    Definitely excited about this signing. He will provide a great link up with the forwards. IF Berbatov stays, King and Woodgate are healthy, and a couple more pieces are added, then we will be looking very good next season. Those are a couple big if’s, but I am optimistic.


  • Chase

    Eto’o??? Come on now, that is as ridiculous of a rumor as the Ronaldinho to Man City and Newcastle rumors…


  • Chase

    And King healthy?? Haven’t Spurs fans been relying on King being healthy the last three season and he ends up playing a handful of games?


  • ejs

    Lennon isn’t going anywhere and for a goalie I think it will be hard to switch leagues


  • Keith G.

    Without a doubt they have to go out and get a new GK and let Robinson go. They should look at bringing in Gomez from PSV Eindhoven. My question is if this is to happen where does Robinson go? A promoted team, forced to be a back-up, go outside England (Celtic if Boruc is gone), or less likely does he go down to the Championship, and help a team like Derby or Fulham get back up. Im going to say he is either going to Bolton, Man City or Middlesbrough.


  • matt

    berbatov isnt going anywhere after this i bet. and they’ll land a quality keeper. this is juande ramos guys…he mase sevilla freakin scary as all hell. he’ll sign diego capel and a quality keeper (or a french league guy) and they’ll finish 7th next year.


  • Joamiq

    This is great news. A keeper is definitely a high priority. We will need either a left back or left wing, depending on where Gareth Bale plays. Possibly another center back as well, as it appears that King’s injuries will never be healed, and Dawson is definitely not good enough. But all in all the team is on the right track. I would actually be very surprised now if Berbatov left. The culture at Tottenham right now is a buying one, not a selling one. And the club has plenty of cash, so buying season is not over yet.


  • Garrett

    Keith… Paul Robinson would barely be a backup keeper @ Man City. Joe Hart is nearly the #1 choice for England when JAMO runs out of life… and Kasper Schmeichel is top class as well, just needs a little more seasoning.

    Robinson is junk and will probably end up with a newly promoted Championship team.


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