MLS- D.C. United

You know, Gallardo's goal IS pretty good

As some of you know, I called the contest for this week’s MLS Goal of the Week over, naming Amado Guevara’s free kick as the unquestioned winner.

Well, he might have some competition.

Marcelo Gallardo’s volley blast deserves consideration, though I still think Guevara gets the edge. Here is Gallardo’s goal:

You make the call. Which goal is better? Guevara’s free kick or Gallardo’s volley?

  • JeffM

    Gallardo, Klejstan, then Guevara.

    How about the SOUND of Gallardo’s goal? It sounded like a cannon shot.


  • zoran

    Toronto fan here and I have to say Gallardo’s goal was brilliant. Could well be the Goal of the Year. Klejstan’s goal was aslo better than Guevara’s 🙂


  • Lloyd Heilbrunn

    Gallardo,not even an issue.Guevara had a run of the mill nice FK goal.Gallardo’s strike was astonishing.


  • Victor

    Sacha’s. it was pretty much Guevara’s goal on the fly. while Guevara’s free kick was one of beauty, I’m positive we’ll see one or two more of those, not even including one or two from Beckham. All in all, this was a fantastic week of action


  • Geoff

    Gallardo was just trying to blast it as hard as he could at the net…he did well…but it wasn’t intentionally placed like guevara’s was. Am I wearing my tfc goggles, or do i make a fair point?


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