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It's Q&A Time

Good afternoon everybody. It is that time again. Time for you to send me questions and time for me to try to answer them.

You know the routine by now. Send me one or two soccer questions of reasonable length and I will look to answer them as soon as possible.

What questions shouldn’t you ask? Nothing about promotion-relegation, John O’Brien, where Fulham’s Americans will go, anything involving looking into the future (as in where will MLS be in 10 years), the Red Bulls stadium (it’s being built), Arturo Alvarez’s Olympic team chances (or anything related to the U.S. Olympic team roster), or where I think Michael Bradley/Oguchi Onyewu/Bobby Convey will go.

Why not? Well, these topics have been covered to death so anything you want to know is likely in previous installments of the Q&A. I generally recommend you scanning through recent Q&A sessions anyway just to see what has been covered (or not covered).

Now it’s your turn. Send your questions my way.

  • Federer

    Why the MLS still allows syntetic grass stadiums? I think is really dumb because increases the chances of a serious injury.


  • Mike

    Can you elaborate on the Altidore to Europe rumors? More specifically, the Altidore to Villareal rumors? Where do they come from? Have you confirmed with the Red Bulls that talks or inquiries have happened? What is the real truth there?


  • Jerry

    Ives –

    2 questions

    I read on a Honduras newspaper that George Welcome the guy who score the goal to win the Olympic qualifiers over USA has a tryout with NE Revs any news on that and whether its true? whats the possibility of him getting signed?

    Also, What really happened with Amado Guevara that I read that he wouldnt talk to reporters untill after you left the press room? was it that bad? what did he say when he saw you at BMO field last thursday?


  • Amit

    Hello Ives,

    a)Are the Red Bulls trying to sign any free agents, or are they just waiting until the summer window? Players are dropping like flies, which is starting to scare me.

    b)Where do groceries for the SBI compound come from?


  • Eric Anderson

    Who do you see as the best 11 players in MLS? What about if you had to make a starting XI using only one player from any team?


  • Geoff


    Fantastic Blog mate, excellent work by far.

    My issue is the guys on ESPN who cover the Champions League matches what is your opinion of them? I personally can’t stand any of them. Tommy Smyth, what has he done in the game? He has no previous history of playing or managing in the game! The only respectable character who was on there was Stevie Nicol who at least played at the highest level and won a European Cup. Adrian Healey has to be one of the worst commentators ever! Whats your thoughts on them?


  • Adam (Joliet, IL)

    Is anyone else concerned about the lack of big name, U.S. born stars in the MLS? Seems like this season, more than in the past, the only two I hear mentioned are Donvan and Jozy. Are we getting flooded with internationals?


  • Ives


    Thanks to all of you who submitted questions this time around. I will look to provide answers by early next week.

    Thank you again.


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