Ballack doubtful for Euro Final


Some six years after missing the 2002 World Cup final due to yellow cards, German national team captain Michael Ballack could miss the Euro 2008 final vs. Spain with a calf strain.

Ballack hasn’t trained in two days and could be replaced in the lineup by Bastian Schweinsteiger or Tim Borowski.

Needless to say, if Ballack doesn’t play then Spain will have that much better a chance of winning the battle in midfield, where Sunday’s final will likely be won. With Spain likely to field a five-man midfield that could dominate possession with Ballack out of action.

What do you think of Ballack potentially missing the final? Do you think Germany will still win? Is this the break Spain needed? Are you just happy to see Ballack suffer because you haven’t gotten over his game-winning goal against the USA in the 2002 World Cup? Share your thoughts below.

  • Mark

    He’ll definitely play, just a bit of mind-games on the part of Germany I think.

    If I’m Ballack, I don’t care what pain I’m in, I wouldn’t miss a second major final.


  • kco

    It’s the Euro Final. A broken foot couldn’t (shouldn’t) keep him out of a match of this magnitude (I hope).



  • Phillip

    Ballack has to play and has to play great in a win to “win over the hearts” of the German people.


  • Josh

    I don’t know how anybody can run around–especially in midfield–for 90 mins. with a strained calf. If Ballack can’t go, maybe he could sub for half an hour???

    I hope he’s able to play. Having followed his career, I’m not about to accuse the guy of a lack of heart. Sometimes your body just won’t let you play at 100%; sometimes it hurts your team more than it helps to be on the pitch injured. But Germany needs him, because every time I’ve watched them play without him (the ’02 WC Final, for example), they’ve been completely rudderless.


  • Jacob

    I think he’ll play, even if it is just as a sub, but at the same time, I don’t know how much a difference it’ll make if he does.


  • Der Kaiser

    Germany will be OK without Ballack. Borowski is a great midfielder who hustles his butt off and Schweinsteiger has been in great form.


  • James K

    Ives, dont bring that goal vs the USA up. We should of won, we got robbed. Berhalter would of been a US mnt legend had it not of been for Frings left hand. Damn Frings.


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