MLS- LA Galaxy

D.C. United vs. Los Angeles Galaxy: Your Running Commentary


The two hottest teams in MLS square off in a matinee showdown between D.C. United and the Los Angeles Galaxy at RFK Stadium (12pm, ABC).

D.C., unbeaten in its past five matches (with a 4-0-1 mark during that stretch) take on a Galaxy squad which boasts a 4-1-1 record in its past six MLS matches. You can expect goals galore today as the league’s two most dangerous attacks square off againts two of the league’s most inconsistent defenses.

If you will be watching the match, or want to follow the match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.

  • Throwin

    Donovan has barely been in this match since Gallardo popped him in the mouth.


  • ManicMessiah

    91st minute- I missed the last 8 minutes or so, but come back just as DC get a 2 on 1, with emilio being played in wide open with only the keeper to beat. It is inexplicable to me how he didn’t score there.



  • frank from sf

    game could of ended 6,7,8 to 1 , to bad that would of been great to have seen. mls’s golden team just made to look like chumps.


  • eric

    Poor effort from LA, starting with Donovan. He was really in and out of the match, and spent WAY too much time walking around. He’s still good enough that he almost scored a couple of times, but that was some classic lack of consistency that drives people batty.

    I didn’t think Jazic and Pires were very good (again).

    DC really could have run up the score, they were pretty nonchalant about the attacks at the end, but were doing whatever they wanted.


  • Kevin

    Gallardo had a poor game. I know he scored, i know we won by 3, but he sent terrible passes, finished poorly, could not mesh with the team, and looked lost when Olsen came on.

    He was looking so good a few weeks ago, i have to wonder what happened? Ever since the Chicago game, his performances have been lacking.


  • frank from sf

    kevin- w/ all due respect gallardo constantly keeps making great passes but the other players don’t know what the hell to do w/ the ball. i’m not sure what it is you expect him to do. i don’t know if you’ve ever seen him play thru out his career. hes not the kind of player to score double digits , he complements the other players. today he made quite a few great passes from early on to quaranta to late in the game to emilio that went nowhere , and it wasn’t becuase of him. he totally outplayed donovan and beckham, again maybe fans like you expect super human capabilities. even if riquelme was w/ DC he wouldn’t be getting 20 goals or 20 assist a year.i’m from ARG. and a huge BOCA fan , so it pains me to say it but gallardo is playing real good and will only get better.


  • brian5534

    That was a great game to be at…the crowd was electric, and even if 25% of them were there for Becks, they all got a good show. Vamos United!!


  • Der Kaiser

    Gallardo should have been carded!!!!

    He’s a poor excuse for a DP…even if he did tear up the Galaxy defense, but everyone does that. get that hack ou t of the league!!!


  • frank from sf

    der kaiser maybe mad at the fact that your hack ballack couldn’t cut it ?


  • Correction

    hey ManicMessiah the term is OFFSIDE. NOTE there is NO (S) on the end. This is not American Football.


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