Euro 2008: Matchday Ten (Group B)


Germany must avoid defeat today in order to prevent being eliminated in the Euro 2008 group stage. That sentence isn’t one many people thought they would see but the pre-tournament favorites are just in that position after losing to Croatia in its second game of the tournament.

Germany must register a draw or win to advance to the quarterfinals, where a meeting with Portugal awaits. Before getting there though, Germany must fend off an inspired Austria team that will have the home crowd in its corner.

Croatia faces Poland in the day’s other Group B match, with Poland needing an Austria win and their own blowout win against Croatia to reach the quarters.

If you will be watching today’s matches, and will be online, please feel free to follow the action here. Share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.

  • DCM

    So even Germany can miss an easy (and I mean easy) sitter.

    Gomez is 1 on 0 inside the 6 yrd box and can’t find a way to tap it in.


  • HomeyBoehme

    Gomez has been awful this entire tournament. I have no idea why he is even starting.


  • DCM

    The ref has lost it. He has sent both Germany & Austria’s coaches off in the 41′.


  • DCM

    The ref has lost it. He has sent both Germany & Austria’s coaches off in the 41′.


  • DCM

    I still can’t figure it out (split screen watching the US Open).

    It appears that it was their gripping with the officiating because they walked up into the stands together and did not have an issue with each other (quite the opposite).

    The announcers weren’t exactly sure either.


  • DCM

    Official reason given for sending off the 2 coaches was “constant bickering”.



  • DCM

    What an incredible strike by Ballack on a free kick from just inside 30 yards in the 49′.


  • Brant

    I saw most of the 2d half with Germany and it looked as lethargic as I feel today. I didn’t have the energy to try and watch Poland roll over and playd dead for the Croats.

    I’m hoping the Dutch either (a) score 7 and make it entertaining, or (b) round up 9 fans from the local bar, put ’em on the field with a Van Persie and Van Nistelroy, and roll over to a 4-0 loss that sends France and Italy home in shame.


  • Mike

    In the other game Croatia subbed out 9 players but still controlled the play quite well, winning 1-0. They got to rest a lot of players and their subs looked pretty good out there in relief, they should be in good shape for their quarterfinal match against Turkey.


  • Ossington Mental Youth

    Homey is right, that was far from a convincing game from Germany.


    Why do you do this to me Germany?


  • mig22

    Yeah, Brant, I hope that the Netherlands team has a nice schnitzel and some beer…during the game. Those whacky Romanians….who did finish 9-2-1 in quals with 26-7 goal spread. Who knows, right?



  • Josh

    I can’t stand Italy, but I’d also like to see France go home so that Domenech will get canned. He’s such a terrible coach! Put one of those Dutch coaches in charge of France’s attacking talent and that’d be one awesome team to watch.


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