MLS- FC Dallas

FC Dallas at Colorado Rapids: Matchday


The Colorado Rapids play host to FC Dallas in a key Western Conference clash. Can the Hoops make it two wins in a row after head coach Steve Morrow was fired? Can the Rapids put last week’s tough home loss to Chivas USA behind them?

The key for FC Dallas will be trying to contain Rapids playmaker Christian Gomez, while the Rapids must find a way to slow down Hoops striker Kenny Cooper, who has been on a roll this season.

If you will be watching the match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and play-by-play in the comments section below.

  • Nate

    “classic. only one camera is working! haha”

    and I think the operator is drunk


  • groovester

    9 minutes into the game and they finally found another camera angle that works


  • Nathanhj

    This is hilarious! You’d think the director would tell the one camerman to stop his previous assignment and take on a whole-field assignment.

    It’s also making me seasick, so I have to turn it off.

    Totally amateur.


  • Johnny

    I was thinking about how David Beckham has once again blown off the LA Galaxy for his national team. Now I’m watching Kenny Cooper a foward play for his MLS team. I’ll assume that Bob Bradley was told not to use too many MLS based players for the friendlies in Europe so that the MLS teams weren’t too stressed. We could of used Cooper on Wed. The MLS will allow Beckham to go play for England whenever (a totaly meaningless game against T+T) why not let the USMNT players go whenever so we wouldn’t have to depend on people like Josh Wolff and EJ to play foward. Yet another MLS double standard!


  • David

    lop-fest in colorado. i wonder if anyone on the field can actually bring the ball down and dribble instead of just randomly hitting the ball in the air to no one.


  • brett

    Johnny- Beckham still has a chance at playing in Euros… if the MLS held him at LA, they’d pretty much seal his Intl’ career…

    Bradley has to keep face with the MLS and their teams, hence y certain players werent brought in… england is really only pulling 1 player…


  • eric

    1-1, starting 2nd half.

    1st Col goal on a nice move by Casey. I think it was Moore he completely juked, as well as the keeper, but there was no cover help at all from the CB’s.

    Dal evened up on a Dominic Oduro poachers special on a scramble.

    Casey was subbed out at half for Cummings, not sure why


  • Jeffrey

    It is probably the last game Beckham will be the captain. So I am sure it has some meaning to him.


  • eric

    Burse gets down to batt away a great low strike by McManus, a one hopper from the top of the box headed for the left corner.

    55th, still 1-1


  • eric

    65th – Cooper with a sweet chest pass into the path of Bobby Rhine, but he can’t keep his cool to get a shot off, and the Colorado defense defuses the danger.


  • fact check

    Beckham and England did NOT qualify for the Euro08 tournament, but its still a meaningful game. The USMNT needs to have access to more than 1-3 MLS players even for friendlies. Its a joke to Wolff and Johnson and Feilhaber on the roster for games against quality opponents.


  • eric

    72nd – Goal Colorado

    McManus gets one back for his stolen goal earlier, completely abuses Davino to a long ball, and beats Burse at the near post.


  • eric

    78th – Brek Shea comes on for Dallas, makes the game slightly more interesting, he was one of the few bright spots at that U-23 tourny recently


  • Brian

    Boy…FCD used to be fun to watch, but this is painful. What is the point in playing a 3-5-2 if you bypass the midefield and keep hitting longballs, or if your midfielders don’t settle the ball but prefer to ping headers and long throws all over the field. With FCD unable to maintain possession, it looks like they are playing a 3-0-2 out there…really painful (if you’re an FCD fan). And it’s also discouraging to see Colorado players in acres of space, while FCD attackers seem isolated while the midfield just sits there…


  • David

    i agree with brian

    it’s irritating every time i watch an mls game and all i see are long balls and balls just pinging off players head/legs to no avail. there needs to be better movement on and off the ball. it’s awkward seeing so many balls being played from the defensive side all the way to the final third, totally bypassing the mid field. and when balls do go through the midfield, the players have no control of the ball. i just hope the gameplay gets better for FCD and the rest of the mls.


  • Jeff

    They actually had the nerve to announce attendnace at 12 thousand for that game. Looked to be about 5 thousand tops.


  • Todd

    Casey was subbed off at halftime because he’s just back from knee surgery (he’s been out for 6 months) and he’s not match fit yet.


  • andy

    ives, i know this is late, but even if dallas had won, it wouldn’t have been two wins in a row for them, they tied the dynamo last wednesday


  • rterry

    Those who posted on the attendance..the majority of Colorado Rapids fans sit on the main side of the stadium, not the opposite side that the television cameras are focused on.

    I have season tickets and I sit on the West end as well. It is just how it is for Rapids matches. There was 12,000 there, one of the lowest attendance figures this season. we had sell out for LA Galaxy, 16,000 for San Jose, and 15,000 last week for Chivas USA. We average much more than FC Dallas, Real Salt lake and even NE Revolution.

    I thought you guys would realize that the TV cameras were only pointing in ONE direction..and not the main side of the stadium.


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