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Wizards welcome back Josh Wolff


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The Kansas City Wizards may have found the cure for their terrible offense, or at least they hope so.

The Wizards have signed Josh Wolff, who makes his return to MLS after spending two seasons with German club 1860 Munich.

Wolff joins a KC offense that has managed just 11 goals all season, second-fewest in MLS this season (second only to San Jose).

KC coach Curt Onalfo will be hoping Wolff can duplicate his goal-scoring success from his first stint with the Wizards, when he netted 27 goals in four seasons with the Wizards, including a pair of 10-goal seasons (2004-2005). Wolff compiled 59 goals and 35 assists over the course of nine seasons spent with the Chicago Fire and Wizards.

Is Wolff the answer to the Wizards’ offensive problems? Those who watched Wolff struggle mightily for the U.S. national team in friendlies against England and Spain would probably disagree.

What do I think? I don’t think Wolff alone is going to help Kansas City’s offensive woes. He is 31 and has lost a step that he probably couldn’t afford to lose. He will help the team somewhat, but he alone isn’t going to turn KC’s offense into a dangerous unit.

What do you think of the signing? Share your thoughts below.

  • aristotle

    Jon E:

    You think I “vent spleen”? Here’s some more vented spleen for you. you are an imbecile and a pompous as*. Alright, that’s enough venting of my spleen for today.

    What are you even doing on a sports blog? Stick to politics because that’s obviously where you must normally talk this trash.

    I’d tell you that you take yourself and everyone else far too seriously but I have a feeling that’s not the problem. I think maybe you’re just such a small person in the real world you have to go online and look for posts that aren’t even meant to be taken that seriously and make them into something other than what they are to feel good about yourself. You should read your post again. It really is ridiculous.

    No one hear should comment negatively on soccer players unless we are as good or better than they are at soccer? Who exactly do you expect to comment on this blog? Even Ives wouldn’t qualify.

    You’re calling people spiteful and childish yet your post is about as childish as it gets.

    Listen up everybody. No more comments that aren’t dead serious. No more tongue in cheek comments. No more humorous comments. No more trash talk comments. We’re all offending Jon E. What do you think this is, anyway? A sports blog?

    I can’t believe I’m bothering to explain this to you but I’ve defended Josh Wolff from comments about him never having been any good. I also like Josh Wolff. However, he is not what he used to be and I found it amusing that someone thought he could provide considerable offense at this point in his career, especially since he was just here a few years ago and couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo right before he left. (Sorry! Was I venting spleen, being childish, or sad for making that comment?)

    I freely admit I am not anywhere near as good as Josh Wolff or Claudio Reyna even in their current state, well, maybe Reyna. Alright, not even Reyna. Still I really don’t think even if they see these comments about them that they will be devastated. Unlike you they understand sports fans and don’t take everything so serious.

    Great! Now you’ve made me make this long winded post in response to you. I hope your happy.


    Is it alright that I made this post about you? I’m pretty sure I’m a better player than you are.


  • Jon E

    @ Aristotle: Okay, so clearly I hit a nerve. You say you’re kidding; I’ll accept that. I didn’t mean to single you out anyway. But I still think that a lot of people who post here–and all sports blogs–are dead serious and more than a little ghoulish in the way that they heap scorn on the whipping boy of the day. (I assume you’ve seen the whine-fest that Big Soccer often turns into.) Does that mean they’re ghoulish in their real lives? Probably not. But my two cents is that wading through such comments makes reading blogs less fun.

    And I didn’t say people shouldn’t criticize players unless they can play better soccer. In fact, I explicitly said I’m fine with people criticizing them. I do that myself, and I’m a pretty terrible soccer player. For example, I personally think Reyna has turned out to be a very bad signing. It’s possible Wolff will turn out that way too, but we don’t know that yet.


  • aristotle

    Jon E:

    Now that I think about it, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that this happened. My post was in no way what you were describing but your reply has given me some incite as to where you may be coming from, figuratively speaking that is.

    Here’s why: A while back, some people here were posting and ripping Taylor Twellman over and over. It was FAR worse than this but my reaction still wasn’t anywhere near as harsh as yours, but it did seem to get a little disturbing. In fact it was almost like you were suggesting, like there were a few people who actually wanted him physically hurt. When I asked about why so many people were doing this, and why some of it actually seemed like malice, I was told most people really didn’t mean it that way but I should check out bigsoccer.com because they were doing it even worse there, so it was like a running thing going on. Part 1.


  • aristotle

    Jon E:

    Part 2

    I didn’t go to bigsoccer.com because I didn’t want to see anymore of it, and also because I had made the mistake of going to bigsoccer.com once before and it almost caused me to stop posting, period. I won’t mention where I went because I don’t want to start something here, but I could not believe what despicable, hateful people they were. There was NO doubt whatsoever how serious they were in their hate. One of them actually wanted to meet me in person to show me how much of a man he was. If even 2% of the people on bigsoccer.com are like that, it is a truly disturbing commentary on all people, not just sports fans. At first I didn’t get it and thought a moderator would step in and put a stop to it. I was right. A moderator did step in. He stepped in to join them in their abuse! It was obviously a “club”. You can’t make too much out of people posting on a sports blog, but in this case these people were clearly lousy people, and not just while they were on bigsoccer.com. They clearly thought they were superior people and heaped abuse on people who didn’t go through some weird ritual of paying all of them homage for a period of time before daring to speak on anything. One of them was nice enough to explain to me why I deserved the abuse because I didn’t earn or gain their acceptance in the required manner! Thanks, but no thanks.

    Anyway, even here, it can get a little serious sometimes, and sometimes it seems like some people just want to be offended when it’s really people just being sports fans, over the top though it may be. I posted once about people trying to play a race card all of the time, and gave examples of what REAL racism was, and of course someone just read it out of context and said they couldn’t believe what a racist I was!

    I’ve learned from posting here that it really helps to put a smiley face or a tongue poke at the end of a post that you might think someone will take too seriously to show that no ill will is meant and that it’s all just in fun. I didn’t put one at the end of my post that you referenced because I thought the absurd string of hahaha’s accomplished the same thing. Apparently not. Anyway, just to let you know, even my silly name calling was just in response to your post making me look like something I am not, and there is no ill will at all. As I’m sure you know all too well, depending on the perspective, a post can mean completely different things to different people.


  • Jon E

    @ Aristotle: Just noticed your last two posts. Thanks for taking the time to clarify. Sounds like we actually get frustrated by the same thing, so it’s ironic our exchange went started like it did.


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