You Write the Caption

You Write the Caption: The Osorio Edition

It has been a good while since the last installment of You Write the Caption but I can tell you that this week SBI will have at least two contests.

Today’s photo, courtesy of ISIphotos.com, is of New York Red Bulls head coach Juan Carlos Osorio, who has done an admirable job leading his new club to a 5-4-4 mark despite a myriad of injuries and the transfer of Jozy Altidore.

As you know, Osorio likes to take notes during matches and the practice has garnered snide remarks from plenty of opposing fans. With this in mind, here is your chance to figure out what he’s thinking and what he’s writing in that notepad of his.

You know the drill. Submit your caption suggestion and I will choose the ten best entries, with the reader whose entry is the best winning a t-shirt courtesy of SBI sponsor Objectivo Apparel. For those of you who haven’t visited Objectivo Apparel before, they have a good selection of soccer-themed t-shirts, and more importantly, SBI readers get free shipping on their orders. Just type in IVES in the promo code section for your free shipping.

Now, back to the contest. Try and figure out what’s going through the mind of the Colombian tactician. Try to be funny and please keep it clean (I’m looking at you Chicago Fire fans):


                                                                              Photo by ISIPhotos.com

"Things-to-do list: Sign a forward, sign a midfielder, sign a defender, Call Wilman Conde back and contact the LA Galaxy for tips on circumventing the salary cap."

Now it’s your turn. What do you think Osorio is writing in his notepad? Share your caption suggestion below and if it’s good enough, you could win a free t-shirt.

Fire away.

  • chupacabra

    Wow! Max Bretos was right. Ubiparipovic spelled backwards really is Civopirapibu!!


  • Eugene

    “$130 to RCN Cable…

    $150 to Con Edison…

    $300 to Verizon Wireless… might as well make the best use of my time!”


  • estock

    Red Bull’s coach Juan Carlos Osorio, seen here playing ‘Guess The Red Bull Transfer Targets’, was recently awarded ‘Most Valuable Columbian’ by the Red Bull players and board


  • Steve

    Dear Jozy,

    This is my third letter this week and I have yet to receive one in return. You haven’t returned any of my calls and I’m starting to think that you don’t want me anymore. The truth is, i need you. Jozy…you complete me.


  • Ryan

    hmmm…possible RBNY MLS All-Star candidates…uh….does the hotdog vendor who insists on yelling “dog show here, dog show” count?


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