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It's official: Barrett to TFC, McBride to Chicago


The trade is finally complete.

The deal that sends Chad Barrett to Toronto FC and paves the way for Brian McBride to go to the Chicago Fire has been finalized, TFC announced this afternoon. Toronto FC is announce the deal as Barrett, a 2009 first-round draft pick and future considerations for the top allocation slot, which Chicago will use to sign McBride.

The future considerations center around Toronto’s ability to re-sign Barrett at the end of the season. TFC will attempt to sign Barrett to a new deal, but if it can’t, and Barrett leaves, Toronto will receive more compensation, potentially in the form of an allocation.

Barrett is expected to be in uniform for Toronto’s match against FC Dallas at BMO Field on Sunday.

What do you think of the deal (yes, I know, i’ve asked this about five times by now). Share your thoughts below.

  • Robert

    Does this mean a DP slot for Chicago? Does TFC not have one now? Does this work like LA and the Donovan-Ruiz-Becks deal where that’s most of the money?

    Otherwise, kudos to Chi-town. It looks to be a formidable team now.


  • Mark

    Mo knows how to spin a deal, I like the sound of that clause at the end from TFC’s point of view.


  • Tim F.

    Toronto got the minimum but perhaps they weren’t interested in inquiring more players.

    How many #1 draft picks does Toronto have at this stage???


  • El Rey

    Every body wins!! TFC get a forward, a pick and $$. The Fire and the League get an American soccer hero back in MLS!!


  • Reid

    Too bad, another week of this and it was going up there with Barry/pool & CR7/Madrid.

    By up there I mean, i just don’t give a $hit anymore


  • Ives

    Robert, DP slots had nothing to do with this deal. McBride, as far as I know, is not signing as a DP.

    As for Toronto, it now has three first-round draft picks. It’s own, San Jose’s and Chicago’s. That should help TFC land UConn striker O’Brien White, assuming White signs with MLS.


  • DG

    well I think it is a good trade for TFC. essentially we are getting a striker during a time of dire straits… for free. the mcbride situation came gift-wrapped for TFC. can’t complain about that. plus 3 draft picks now for ’09.

    I hope Barrett enjoys TFC and I look forward to cheering him on Sunday.


  • TCompton

    I just wonder how McBride and Blanco mesh. While both can be considered blue collar type players, they represent it in to completely different ways.


  • Steve

    Good point Reid! Everyone says MLS is bush league but we can drag out transfer sagas as well as the best leagues in the world!

    Brian have a great and healthy Olympics. Can’t wait to see you at Toyota Park!!!!!!


  • Fumar

    Goes down as expected from the start. What the hell was the hold up, aside from the Fire holding out to keep Barrett away from Toronto while McBride is unavailable I don’t see what took so long.

    Fair trade. And where is Barrett going to go that he’s not gonna re-sign? The guy is lucky to be in this league.


  • Sean

    What happens if McBride gets hurt for the Olympics and is out for the season? Tough sh!t for Chicago? Or can the deal be nullified?


  • bgnewf

    For Tim F… TFC has three first rounders next season for the draft.

    I am glad this is done, now hopefully we can get rid of Cunningham and get Dickov signes as well.


  • BFBS

    I don’t understand the following sentence: “TFC will attempt to sign Barrett to a new deal, but if it can’t, and Barrett leaves, Toronto will receive more compensation, potentially in the form of an allocation.” I guess my confusion is related to not understanding what an allocation is. Assuming it means some priority in acquiring players that no other club has a discovery claim on (e.g. Welcome) or some other right in (e.g. Noonan), would TFC be acquiring Chicago’s “allocation”, be granted an “allocation” by MLS, or something else? Or maybe “allocation” simply means a senior roster spot. I am willing to betray my ignorance for others similarly confused.


  • MLS rules are dumb

    This deal has Don Garber’s stink all over it.

    That’s a pathetic deal for Toronto. They could have received a better player by passing on McBride and remaining #1 in the allocation draft. As we’ve seen over the years, 50% of the first round picks are out of professional soccer in 3 years (not in Europe, in desk jobs).

    It will be interesting if Garber facilitates DeRosario to Toronto as payback.


  • Dominghosa

    I still think TFC is getting jobbed. They need a forward and they can’t get the best guy that is out there right now — McBride.

    Oh well.

    Not sure if Blanco is actually a “blue-collar” guy. Homeboy has more flair than the 70s.

    Glad to see McBride back in the U.S of A. though.


  • Andrew Karl

    In this picture, Barret looks like Jim Carey’s Firefighter character from In Living Color.

    other than that, TFC’s getting hosed.


  • brett

    eh, ive already said my say in the previous 4 posts about the “possible” trade….

    good luck chad, as long as you continue to fail when you play against the Fire i hope you do well against everyone else…. perhaps you can succeed but TFC can fail still?? barrett gets the goals yet TFC still lose??


  • Ossington Mental Youth

    Welcome to Toronto Chad.

    Please score alot of goals, we need em.

    You could be a legend, just get those goals in buddy.


  • KingSnake

    Allocations means whatever the league wants it to mean at the moment the league wants it to mean what it means.

    Btw, considering everything they gave up, and that they don’t actually get McBride for another month, did Chicago at least get a jar of lube in the deal?


  • Fumar

    KingSnake, please revist this statement following Barrett’s shanking of a sitter that would put TFC into the playoffs.


  • doug

    while o’brian white grew up in the toronto area – isn’t he a jamaican national player and therefore international? he won’t really help TFC in the domestic department?

    as well, any word on olivier tebily? is he getting dropped to make room for barrett?


  • ChrisLav

    Tebily has left the team apparently to go back to France. Linked here on Morgan Campbell’s Blog which is linked on the left column here by Ives as well. http://thestar.blogs.com/torontofc/

    TFC actually had a vacant international spot that was received in a deal for Darren Huckerby from SJ.


  • ChrisLav

    And Dunivant is out for the year, which will also open up a senior roster spot as well.


  • doug

    …. maybe its time to get Jason DeVos out of the broadcast booth and onto the field. and he’d be a domestic player!


  • geoff

    to mls rules are dumb, Mojo himself said that garber had nothing to do with this trade.


  • brentmcd

    As someone said in a previous thread, Houston will be happy to expedite De-Ro’s return to Toronto…. when he’s 36 years old, like McBride.


  • Isaac Mundia

    Ok so lets think here. We have speedy justin map whose crosses are deadly and Genius Blanco (sp?) whose passes can cut a defense like butter.Then we have Chris Rolfe, whose shots are deadly and clinical and can hook up well with the strikier up top with him . Now we have McBride whose hard-nosed tactics, incredible strength, and, of course, wonderful heading ability made him perfect for the EPL. I doubt Chicago will be able to utilize him as well as Fulham were able to, but( no offense) in a league like the MLS it might compensate.


  • david

    i dont understand – how did a DP slot have nothing to w/ this trade?? mcbride seriously didn’t demand anything over the league maximum?? he must have really wanted to get out of england – surely he had to have been making 2m + a season..


  • MLS Rules are Dumb

    Geoff – Thanks. That means a lot since no one associated with MLS has ever lied.


  • papa bear

    @Posted by:Dominghosa | July 30, 2008 at 03:59 PM

    for the millionth time, McBride wanted NOTHING to do with playing in Toronto. So I don’t see how their not getting McBride is being ‘jobbed’ or anything of the like.

    If MLS was like every other league they would have gotten jack s*it.

    Honestly, if Mo wasn’t playing faux tough guy asking for picks, cash, Rolfe & Mapp for the longest time, he could have squeezed out more from the deal. He really is one of the worst of the worst executives in MLS. Lalas and Guppy are the only ones who’ve ever been worse.


  • papa bear

    @Posted by:david | July 30, 2008 at 07:12 PM

    He probably has enough money at this point to where playing at home too precedence. (Chicago also has a lot of allocation money so they could sign him for the league max and toss in the allocation money to bump his salary up close to a million. which I heard is about what he made at Fulham; can’t find the link confirming that though)

    I would be shocked if he was making 2M+ at Fulham. As I said I remember reading once that he made about half that.

    People get a very inflated view of how much people get paid in the Prem. According to the Independent, less than 30% make 2M or more. It is not all that different from the NFL where 4-6 guys make big time bucks and the rest make league minimums or double/triple minimums.



  • Moo

    Only time will tell whether this trade was good or not. Can’t wait to see you in Toyota Park, McBride! I need to get me some season tickets…


  • jloome

    Here’s betting down the line a lot of people here are wrong about who got the better end of this deal.


  • HomeyBoehme

    Chad Barrett is not a striker. He will not be at TFC next year. He will be one of those players in a “desk job” or the USL next season.


  • Sean

    Considering I don’t think TFC would be getting anything if this deal didn’t happen, I think it’s a good one.

    The fact that McBride isn’t signing as a DP, and rightfully so, shines more light on the debacle that was Claudio Reyna. McBride is worth twice of what Reyna was. Having said that, I do not believe the DP rule should be used for American talent. That does the league no good.

    Chad Barrett IS horrible. But, TFC isn’t in the top standings and I think they could benefit from what good he does bring. And, not EVERY draft pick was a bust. Most likely it will be, but let’s not just assume.


  • Thom

    Here’s hoping that Barrett learns to shot straight.

    1. because he could develop into a good target player with his size and mobility and

    2. because if he misses as many sitters in Toronto as he did with the Fire the TFC faithful might just lynch him right on the pitch.


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