SuperLiga: Matchday Three (Your Running Commentary)


Good evening folks. The SuperLiga tournament resumes today with two more matches in what has already been an exciting tournament.

D.C. United plays host to Atlante (8pm, Telefutura), which is coming off a 4-0 drubbing by the Houston Dynamo. Chivas de Guadalajara will be in Houston tonight to face the Dynamo (10 p.m, Telefutura).

If you will be watching tonight’s matches please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments setion below.

Enjoy the matches.

  • Jacob

    Houston was better for pretty much the entire game, and as I said, officiating may have been questionable. But yes, the lack of finishing did not helf, and Michel simply was on his game tonight. Fun to watch, sorry to see it go down the way it did.


  • Ashley

    Yeah, these MLS sides are a joke! There are no more excuses. They need to add some quality up top or they will continue to bow out early in these tournaments.


  • spencer

    mind you houston was missing 5 starters such as holden, dero and ching and then with jacqua soon to be back will be a different game if they meet again


  • MK

    As long as MLS plays when it does, there will always be built-in excuses in every international tournament and friendly match. One team will be in preseason form and the other will be struck by injuries at the mid-point of the season. It’d be great if everyone were on an even playing field every time, but that’s not going to happen until all leagues affected by severe seasonal weather build bubble-stadiums that allow for alignment with the international calendar.


  • Christian

    Houston deffinitely played to win tonight but Chivas had some chances as well and was a bit more creative in the final third, not to mention that they have some pretty good offensive players.

    I’m concerned with the way some MLS players like Quaranta and Waibel behaved tonite when their teams were down, it was classless.

    Lastly some of you need to stop whining, there are no moral victories in this sport, the one who scores the most goals wins.


  • James

    “And there it is. Houston and DC both lose at home to preseason Mexican teams. MLS blows!”

    Ricardo you are an idiot, the Dynamo dominated Chivas and deserved to win. Chinga Chivas


  • KingSnake

    I second Christian.

    And James, the team that scores most “deserves” to win. Everything else is subjective.


  • hoyanick

    Christian: from my vantage point, Quaranta fouled the Atlante player, then tried to pat him on the back or make some other apologetic gesture, and then the Atlante player got into his face.

    In any case, I’ve seen much much worse sportsmanship in Superliga than what those two players engaged in near the end of last night’s DCU-Atlante match.


  • Christian

    regarding the overly “physical” behavior by some MLS players, all I know is that people would be up in arms if the situation were reversed.

    It’s uncalled for and some of those challenges deserved more than a red card.


  • jdawg

    how many Chivas players had to be carried off on a stretcher in the second half, eh?

    all the haters need to step on the breaks. the dynamo had the better of the play for most of the game and generated more quality scoring chances, but the Chivas keeper had 2-3 outstanding saves. i walked out of Robertson Stadium with my head held high. Great atmosphere at the game also.


  • EssEff

    Kudos to the Houston fans. I love watching games from Robertson on tv, it seems like such a great venue. But, are they going to get their own stadium soon? That field just as well might have been astroturf. It was horrid. Great game though! These are the games that we fans want to watch, when there is passion and pride and playing for the shirt. Not the midseason MLS matchups that mean nothing with players going through the motions. That Houston player Cameron really impressed on the right side.


  • soccerroo

    I thought the games last night were good. DC battled back and had several chances to tie the game. Houston played well with so many pieces missing. Houston will go through as long as they match Atlante(sp) because they have the goal differential lead. They are a +3 while DC right now is a -2 and Atlante is a -3.


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