SuperLiga: Matchday Four (Your Running Commentary)


Good evening folks. SuperLiga is under way tonight, with New England taking on Pachuca (8pm, Telefutura) and Chivas USA playing Santos Laguna (10pm, Telefutura).

If you are watching tonight’s matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the matches.

  • MK

    While I love that the US – Mexico rivalry has a chance to come in this tournament, the games look more like Mexico vs US, South & Central America, the Caribbean, and Western Africa.


  • Jacob

    Is Ante Rozav the hottest player in the continent? In the world? Jeez. Great ball from Sacha. Strong finish by Ante. Well done.


  • combo breaker karma

    lol max bretos is making so many errors in his mlsnet streaming commentary.

    his mouth moves quicker than his brain >.>


  • Jacob

    I was a big Sacha fan before, but now I’ll never stop rooting for him after his performance here in this tournament and after learning where his heritage come from.


  • combo breaker karma

    lol camera switches to the coach for Santos, who at that moment decides to really go after that hard to reach booger in his nose.

    camera switches away promptly

    Oh man, he really went after that thing.


  • MK

    What was the call? I saw nothing wrong with that play… not that I wouldn’t mind the ref erring in MLS’s favor.


  • Jacob

    MK, I’m thinking that’s exactly what happened.

    Also, I’m certain Sacha’s gone. To whom, who knows?

    As of now, all signs apparently point to Monaco.


  • EssEff

    That was a totally “stopped in rush hour traffic” search for booger.

    Yeah, Santos got ripped off on that goal.


  • Joamiq

    Wow . . . this refereeing crew is horrible.

    Also, chrisfian, sorry, but this is completely a US vs. Mexico thing. In case you haven’t noticed, that’s what this whole tournament is about . . .


  • Robert

    Justice. FMF won last night. MLS wins tonight. SuperLiga suddenly looks interesting (and I’m not a fan of the tourney).


  • MK

    Groups A and B look the same after the first two rounds. No one is officially out of it yet, though it looks pretty bad for DC.


  • Alejandro Ruiz

    “Also, chrisfian, sorry, but this is completely a US vs. Mexico thing. In case you haven’t noticed, that’s what this whole tournament is about . . .”

    Except it’s dumb to bring it up during club play. Have you not noticed, the Mexican league teams are full of non-Mexicans. It’s like the Latino premier league in that sense.


  • Alejandro Ruiz

    “It is a life that appears almost out of thin air. In November 1980, Slavko Kljestan, an immigrant from Yugoslavia, sneaked across the U.S.-Canada border, hidden in the trunk of a car.”

    Sacha’s dad is wetback! Just like mine…sweet! Weird how no one pointed this out in the thread.

    (SBI- Sorry Alejandro, but I had to cut your post short. Copyright issues and such.)


  • spencer

    the funny thing about razov’s goal was that it might not have went in if it wouldn’t have been for the unintentional hand ball by the defender.


  • anon

    sacha is good.

    the refs? at least 3 missed calls against santos, including a beauty goal. horrible.

    and i was rooting for chivas.


  • Haig

    Shalrie is a total New Yorker: Crown Heights, Parade Grounds/Prospect Park, Brooklyn Italians, Wingate HS, St. John’s. And he could certainly play in Europe, with his skill, intelligence and strength. He’s one of the best players MLS has ever produced.


  • Adam (Joliet, IL)

    I was very impressed by Khano Smith of the Revs in the first half. I didn’t get to see the second half so I was glad to see he scored a pk. Disappointed to find out he is from Bermuda rather than the states.


  • Paul

    What’s the news this morning on Phelan? That looked pretty scary last night.


  • soccerFan

    I was reading the thread and came accross a comment about mexican teams being full players from other countries. There is actually a limit of how many foreign players can be in each club. There is also a rule which mandates teams to play (debut) young players and play them for a certain amount of time. Failure to do so results in loss of points. Which could lead to the team desending to the lower division.

    Just another remark. Most of the “foreign players” become citizens, get married, have kids, stay and live in mexico. For example, Zinha. Doesn’t this sound similar to what happens in the U.S?

    Rivalries are great. Makes the games entertaining. Just remain imformed, and respectful.

    Thank You


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