SuperLiga: Matchday One (Your Running Commentary)


Good evening folks. The plan tonight was to have this post go up before the start of tonight’s SuperLiga matches, but that didn’t work out, so this will serve as the post for you to discuss tonight’s nightcap between the Houston Dynamo and Atlante (as well as the place to discuss tonight’s opening match between D.C. United and Chivas de Guadalajara).

If you don’t have Telefutura, remember that you can watch a live video stream of the match with English commentators on the SuperLiga website.

If you are watching Houston-Atlante, or want to talk DC-Chivas, feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.

  • Jacob

    Are we waiting for the end of the first match for the start of the second? Cause all I’m getting on the feed for Dynamo-Atlante is the rotating mlsnet logo.


  • Jacob

    To me, the Atalante keeper looks like he played for the 1982 Argentine team and still dresses and styles like it, and hasn’t reacted to any shot since then. All three goals, not much he could do, but he just stood there in that awkward, knees bent, palms out deal.


  • Jacob

    A red card? What for? A yellow, maaaaaaaaybe, but not a red.

    I agree with the Atlante guy, but not De Rosario, and the goalie prolly could have taken a fair yellow too.


  • Joamiq

    I agree with the SBI peanut gallery, I think yellows would have been appropriate


  • Jacob

    I noticed this the other night at Silverbacks-Pachuca and earlier tonight and now here, but is the only thing Mexican teams ever do to warm up on the sidelines and endlines is run in ovals, occasionally mixing it up and having them walk one side of it? Surely they can at least throw in a diagonal or agility ladder every now and then, right?


  • Mike in Baltimore

    I just got back from the DC/Chivas game. Overall a good match. DC hit the post twice and Moreno missed a PK. That could have been a really different scoreline. I sat in a section of nothing but unruly, classless Chivas fans. It was one of the worst crowds I’ve ever been in to see a live match. Chivas fans constantly threw stuff at anyone wearing a DC shirt, started fights, and threw smoke bombs. In fact, they threw one smoke bomb that hit an elderly man in the back of his neck while he satin the row behind the boards at field level. The DC police sure had their hands full tonight. Just reaffirms my hatred of all things related to Mexican soccer- their players, their teams, their fans, EVERYTHING. No class…..


  • mike Ruze

    Great job Houston

    Once again DC united embarrases the league in one of these regional tournaments despite Chicas being out of season.


  • BJR

    For me, the US-Mex rivalry definitely carries over to the Superliga. I almost get as much pleasure watching a MLS team destroy a FMF team as I do when the US beats Mexico.

    Probably the lingering effects of an inferiority complex from the 80s and 90s.


  • Quidditch

    Stuart Holden is a stud. Has he had any Senior USMNT looks yet? If not, I hope he gets an opportunity.


  • Scott A

    Yeah, I agree. Loyalty to US Soccer and MLS trumps any kind of dislike for other MLS teams that I have.


  • Kyle

    I agree with the comment about Mexican fans being classless. There are exceptions to the rule but not many. At the Gold Cup final they resorted to throwing cups of mystery liquid after the ref blew the whistle. I saw this one guy throw and hit this American fan so I threw my cup and blasted the guy and his friends and the Mexican guards grabbed me and threw me out. But we won and thats all that mattered.


  • silent e

    I was at the Houston game. I went wearing my Dynamo shirt to help show the colors but it wasn’t necessary; I only saw 2 Atlante jerseys the whole night.

    Atlante looked crap; they were physically smaller than Houston (especially their goalie–aren’t goalies that small supposed to be acrobatic to make up for it?) and couldn’t compete on that level, and tried to use their passing game to make up for it. Unfortunately for them their preseason form meant that their passing was off all night, so they had nothing.

    Going down 2 goals in 1 minute was surely demoralizing, as well.

    As far as the double reds; I saw no reason for it. DeRo got elbowed in the back when receiving the ball and the ref called a foul. DeRo wasn’t happy and grabbed the shoulder of the Atlante player, who immediately spun and hit (lightly) DeRo in the chest. DeRo then got in his face and he (again lightly) boxed DeRo on the ear. Certainly none of his hits were painful to DeRo, but that’s not the point. He hit DeRo twice–definite red. DeRo should have merely gotten a yellow for instigating a situation.


  • Jacob

    I was at the Silverbacks-Pachuca game wednesday, and didn’t have any real problems with the fans. I was kinda surprised by that. They were a bit rude to the players with their jeers, but I didn’t really see or hear anything over the line.


  • northzax

    I was at the DCU-Chivas game last night, in the middle of a large Chivas section and I thought the crowd was fired up, but nothing over the top. maybe because there were children in the area, babies even, but it was all polits (heck, a guy behind me who had been yelling all night clapped me on the back after the game and said, I think, “good game, you should have won”


  • Tim

    Why the DCU hate? I guess you’re jealous that we are the best and most decorated MLS side.

    Also does anyone kno if you have to pay for the live stream from the Superliga website. Because it is being done by MLS net and they make you pay for MLS regular season matches. Plz comment an answer.


  • Tim Chapman

    Also, there is no reason De Ro should get a red for that. He deserved a yellow card. The Atlante player deserved a red. I understand that he hit him lightly, but it was done militiously.


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