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Eddie Johnson loaned to Cardiff City


Apparently Cardiff City had its heart set on landing an American striker.

U.S. national team forward Eddie Johnson is heading to Cardiff City on a season-long loan. The deal was announced today.

Johnson, who moved to Fulham last winter, made just six league appearances for the Cottagers, failing to score in any of them.

Cardiff City adds Johnson after it’s well-publicized quest to sign FC Dallas striker Kenny Cooper. The Blue Birds had bid as much as $4 million for Cooper, only to have FC Dallas decide it wasn’t selling Cooper.

What do you think of the move for Johnson? Is he better off with the newly-promoted promotion-chasing club in the Coca Cola Championship or should he have stayed at Craven Cottage?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Isaac

    Well johnson is going to get playing time and i think thats what he needs in order for him to get back in for with the international team. The question is will he do well enough there for Cardiff to want to buy his contract or for another club to come and snatch johnson up again? wonder how the deuce feels about all this


  • Strider

    Well, let’s hope that Eddie can earn some playing time in the Championship and regain the confidence and scoring ability he seemed to possess a few years ago. I don’t believe he should be in the USMNT mix until he proves he can score again.


  • Michael Vann

    This is good for Eddie. We are all familiar with the striker situation at Cardiff based on the Cooper saga so we know Eddie will be given a chance. I hope he takes this opportuntity and runs with it. Eddie needs to round his game into some sort of productive consistency and Cardiff can provide that platform. I hope he shows well and I will be keeping a close eye on him. Now we just need Cooper to move there this winter so he and EJ can develop a partnership.


  • patrick

    Im just glad he’ll (hopefully) b getting on the field. Man people keep citing his age ad hwo young he is and the flashes he shows. Those all have expiration dates, and they’re all coming up real soon


  • BlancoPres08

    He may actually get some playing time at Cardiff. He wasn’t going to get any at Fulham. And SHOULDN’t get any on the MNT until he rights his ship.


  • andy b.

    Better for Eddie, for sure. For Cardiff, though, it’s like getting the crappy consoloation prize in the “Who Can’t Sign Kenny Cooper?” gameshow.


  • The Athority

    Sell high and buy low. Great job by MLS for a change.

    They cashed in on a hot player for a price too high.


  • Johnny

    It’s the right move right now. He needs to play and he has little chance right now with Fulham. Fulham can pull him back in January if they need him and or want him. Can Clint get a loan to another team in the prem say Hull city so he can play too?


  • Donovan

    This only be good for both Fulham and Eddie Johnson. If Eddie Johnson learns to run at defenders, gets some confidence and actually looks like he belongs on something other than my over-30 team it helps him and maybe Fulham. I would’t hold my breath though. He’s lazy, scared and a first touch of stone. He’s probably not going to get much time with Cardiff either unless MLS and championship are at the same level.


  • NOLA soccer fan

    Well hopefully EJ can get some playing time and return to the form which we all loved.

    but seriously..to aim for cooper and end up with EJ. gotta be some disappointment in Cardiff.


  • BFBS

    He scored 15 goals in 24 games last year. What would it say about the MLS if he completely flops? I am afraid that he just might.


  • Isaac

    wow…..EJ went from 16 goals and 6 assists in a season with KC to getting loaned to a 2nd division European league team….COME BACK EJ!


  • sublicon

    Ives, club finished 12th last season – their last promotion was to the Championship in 2003.

    At least EJ is being put to good use, Cardiff City really isn’t a bad club for him to go to, honestly. Anyone who writes them off doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about.


  • Bill

    As long as EJ gets some playing time that’s fine. There’s no substitute for game fitness and there is no great wealth of American goalscorers and it would be fantastic to see Eddie get back into form.


  • EA

    That’s a hell of a Photoshop job in that picture.

    You’d almost believe he actually PLAYED at Fulham.


  • kevin

    This is great news. Exactly what he needs. He can gain belief by doing his best. For sure he will be starting games, i just pray he brings his A-game and start scoring goals and earn his ticket to South Africa and a return to the Premier League. It’s the Championship but still good quality football.


  • kevin

    Im sure as hell EJ will be scoring. He had only 6games for Fulham (1 where he was a sub) to score. He looked out of place, but showed some lightneed speed and seconds of brillance. Playing for Cardiff will rebuild his confidence and he will be determined to seize the opportunity. Im figuring he will score 3goals within the next month.


  • Aguinaga

    Cardiff is perfect for him to grow, looked totally overmatched and overwhelmed @ Fulham.


  • metrostar 4 life

    I’m happy and sad at the same time. I think it’s good for EJ to get some valuable minutes and don’t think he should be on the NT till he scores. Im sad though because with the David Healy transfer, I thought Johnson could sneak up and get some premiership minutes for FFC


  • Beckster

    Good for EJ. This will determine whether he can really play in Europe. He needs playing time. Not sure how it will come out but should be a good test. So Fulhamerica not so much any more!


  • Andy in Atlanta

    I am going to go out on a big limb here and say that Eddie Johnson will score 10 goals for Cardiff before Christmas…. He and Jay Bothroyd will be easity be the fastest partnership in the CCC. The game is rough an tumble at times though, so hopefully EJ will be a tough cookie and have the right attitude.


  • MJ

    One hopes that this will serve as the wake-up call for Johnson.

    There is no other place in the world that is more intolerant of trotting-into-a-walk, and then walking around some more, than the Championship.

    This could be very good for Eddie. Or, come cold and rainy Wednesdays in January, it could prove the end of his European Vacation. I hope it is the former.


  • Rudy

    Great move if he get’s the playing time. Better to be playing in the Championship than not making the bench in the Prem.


  • Jason

    This is probably a slap in the face for EJ. I still recall the article on him on ESPN back in 06 before the World Cup and his desire to have rappers wear his jersey in their videos. This move might light the fire in him to work hard and realize that his potential can only carry him as far as a 2nd division team. Best of luck to him but until he shows anyone something, he should never wear a USMNT jersey again.


  • Thom

    MJ wrote “One hopes that this will serve as the wake-up call for Johnson.”

    That assumes there is some great player inside Johnson to be woken up. I used to believe that but have since come the conclusion that all there is a great motor and flashy paint job. Other then that there is no pitch awareness, no touch, and most importantly, no desire to get better or do what it takes to be a solid,consistent professional.

    He’ll be back in MLS soon but as the league gets better each year that may soon eclipse him as well. This year at Cardiff, assuming he gets loaned out, will make him or break him.


  • jig

    I dont think hell be successful with Cardiff either. Id predict a goal for every 4 or 5 starts. That’s if he can even get in the XI. I hope he proves me wrong, but i still dont see it working out.


  • JK

    Good for EJ. This should (granted he works his tail off) put him in good form. I think playing in a at worst decent league and against decent players will help. Anyway, rappers won’t wear the jersey of any bench-rider.


  • DeLarge

    When his speed goes, so goes his career. And in England when it’s fifty degrees and cold, everyone can run fast and for 90 minutes. This isn’t the hot-as-hell MLS where conditioning will help EJ mask his deficiencies. He will get pwned.

    I’ll hope for the best, but oh vey.


  • Kevin

    Ok. Good. This will help him understand the English game more. He obviously has SOME talent, or he couldn’t have scored all those goals in MLS. He can improve this season, and maybe play for Fulham next year. And then maybe he’ll be a respectable candidate for the World Cup roster (unlikely, though… Bradley will certainly pick him, but I doubt he’d be good enough to make the team on a real coach’s terms).


  • nathan3e

    All this wake-up call talk is good stuff. I think Eddie Johnson has effectively proven by this point that he is fast asleep. He is completely useless at a level any higher than MLS. He will now be completely useless for Cardiff instead of Fulham.


  • CO'D

    A good move for Eddie since the only experience he was gaining at Fulham was pulling splinters from his ass in a gentle manner. He could learn a thing a two Jimmy Floyd.


  • wendel

    good for johnson who isnt ready for the EPL but should be effective in the championship assuming he can get his head together.


  • rocky

    well he really needs to get his head out of u know what. His recent performances are of an amatuer player. I hope he never get another call up for the usmnt again


  • Tom

    Of course it’s good for Johnson, but probably not improve Cardiff’s chances.

    He should get to play at Cardiff and get a quick read on whether he will back to MLS during the next transfer window.


  • NOLA soccer fan

    honestly…if EJ gets sent back to the MLS. i think we can easily say he has flopped. from the time EJ first stepped on the field, we have all been mystified by his speed and his overall potential.

    but now years have passed and this potential needs to bear fruit. If EJ cant make this Cardiff deal work out to his advantage, he should not EVER be called up to the Mens National team again….Sorry EJ, prove me wrong…please to god prove me wrong


  • Dylan

    I have faith in EJ. When he’s confident, he’s a dangerous player.

    He’ll score 5+ goals before January.


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