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Galaxy fires Lalas, Ruud Gullit resigns

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In a stunning, though not completely surprising turn of events at the Los Angeles Galaxy, both Ruud Gullit head coach and team president Alexi Lalas are looking for new jobs.

The Galaxy fired Lalas on Monday, the same day Gullit resigned as head coach. Tom Payne takes over as the Galaxy’s president while long-time Galaxy midfielder Cobi Jones takes over as interim head coach in the midst of his first season as an assistant after retiring last season.

A seven-match winless streak provided the final straw for Galaxy ownership, which saw one of the league’s most high-profile clubs fall in danger of missing the playoffs for a third straight season.

When I asked the question a week ago about whose head would roll in Los Angeles, I imagined a scenario that might see both men leave the Galaxy, but to see LA actually set these events in motion this quickly shows that AEG was as angry with the situation as rumors were suggesting.

I questioned Gullit’s hiring from the door, remembering all the high-profile coaches who struggled and eventually failed in MLS.

As for Lalas, it appears the third time was the charm for a man who’d struggled at running three different clubs (San Jose, New York and Los Angeles). Ever the showman, Lalas had the charisma, charm and soccer-playing resume to be a leader, but his actually leadership of teams proved detrimental everywhere he went. Anschutz Entertainment Group gave Lalas every one of his opportunities, but finally cut ties after several failed experiments.

What do you think of the news? Shocked? Happy? Sad? Think it’s about time?

Share your thoughts below.

  • pedro

    And the circus continues: a leprecon with long hair will coach for the first time in MLS.


  • Hector

    Hugo Sanchez…lmao i wouldn’t be surprised. excited for cobi though! just hope they don’t go avram grant style on him.


  • Blackball

    As an Earthquakes fad, I am sadenned that the departure of Lalas and Gullit may actually enable the Galaxy to improve. We were all comfortable with their dim chances of getting any better, knowing Lalas was at the helm….


  • Mike ruze

    Any truth to the rumour that JCO Wife want him to interview for the LA job because LA has a bigger Columbian population and that they need to go there for “personal reasons” ?


  • Strider

    Well, it was obvious that Lalas needed to go. He has proven capable of running any team into the ground. Its much harder for us in the Midwest to tell about Gullit. At times he seemed to be doing fine, but was obviously hamstrung by the ‘talent’ he had to work with beyond the top few players, especially on defense. Hopefully, the Galaxy will find a good GM and coach and become a more competitive team. Although not a Galaxy fan, it is always best for soccer in the US as a whole to see improvement in all of the teams.


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