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Kenny Cooper Market Watch: Stock Rising


                                                   Photo by ISIphotos.com

For those of you who missed it, Kenny Cooper kept his stock heading skyward with another two-goal performance, this time in helping FC Dallas topple Toronto FC on Sunday. The brace upped Cooper’s tally to 13, tying him for the league lead with Landon Donovan.

Cooper’s goals have FC Dallas right back in the playoff race and probably have FC Dallas owners feeling even more strongly that they won’t sell him. Would you be in a hurry to sell a striker who has accounted for almost 50 percent of your goals? (Cooper has 13 of FC Dallas’ 27).

The scoring hot streak (Cooper has seven goals in seven matches) has certainly helped Cooper’s stock and the question now is this: How much would you sell Kenny Cooper for?

If you were FC Dallas’ owners, how much would you sell him for? You make the call and share your price below.

  • Cory

    I think this discussion has generated enough buzz for another post.

    Kenny Cooper: How much is he worth?

    Wait. Wait. WaitWAITWAIT!!!!

    Is Kenny Cooper to soccer what Brett Favre is to football (as far as exaggerated media discussion is concerned)????

    It seems as though it’s heading that way.


  • Jacob

    Andy, I root for Fulham as much as any American would, but if it came down to crunchtime, I’d be Arsenal and Real Mardrid.

    You really ought to make it down and take a look a Mac Kandji, kids a player, a verrrrrry good one in my mind. Unfortunately, I’m a g.a. for my high school alma mater’s football program, and that’s cutting into my game attendance now, but maybe we’ll run into each other there one time.


  • Yossarian

    Andy and Casey,

    Oldham Athletic??? Are you kidding me? What are they, League 1?? Holy Cats, guys. You can’t use 3 goals in League 1 as a criteria for success. He was also loaned to a Portugese club and couldn’t get playing time there (they weren’t even top division in Portugal, either, I don’t think).

    I like the kid, and I hope he has success, but you can’t consider zero 1st team action above league 1 a success!! That’s not realistic. There’s no question that he failed in his first European stint.


  • Robert

    7 million… for his age relative to Jozy’s. Could be higher if he keeps scoring. I’d say it’s better for his career to go for a top flight team (no hard feelings, Cardiff)


  • Casey C.

    He failed at breaking the Man U first XI, correct Yossarian.

    “There’s no question that he failed in his first European stint.”

    Uhh, agree to disagree.


  • Erik

    I hope BB has been paying attention! Like many, I was upset that Cooper wasn’t called in for the recent friendlies. What American striker, at home or abroad, is in better form right now? (don’t say Donovan, he’s not your protoypical center forward)


  • Peter Nowak

    Dump Kewper for the MNT. I’d play a 3-4-3 and put the deadly trio of Josh Wolff, EJ and Chad Barrett. I’d convince John O’Brien to come back and play midfield for us, and I’d naturally Alvaro “The Worst Brazilian in MLS” Pires so he can pass the ball to our opponents in midfield, as well.

    South Africa here we come!


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