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Kenny Cooper's father is from England


Those of you wondering how FC Dallas striker Kenny Cooper would secure a UK work permit considering he has just two national team appearances, wonder no more. Cooper doesn’t have to worry about a work permit because his father, Ken Sr., is English, meaning Cooper doesn’t have to do the work permit dance that other American players (like Brad Guzan) have to.

For those of you who don’t know anything about Cooper Sr., he was a goalkeeper in the North American Soccer League after moving to the United States from England in 1970. He spent a decade playing in goal for the Dallas Tornados before embarking on a coaching career in indoor soccer game. Now his son is one of a handful of MLS players whose fathers played in the NASL.

So no, Kenny Cooper doesn’t have to worry about a work permit, so stop asking already.

  • Ted


    I will laugh again when this ends up in SI.com’s “Truth & Rumors” and in the Welsh tabloids.


  • cm

    Hallelujah. THANK YOU! I swear, if I saw one more person ask about Kenny being able to play over there….


  • adam b

    This should put an end to it. THANKS!!!

    if anyone asks about him getting a work permit now, they should be banned from posting! j/k!


  • ftruscot

    I lived in Plano, TX in the late 70’s as a child. We would go to a lot of Tornados games. Not 100% sure of where the games were played, maybe Cotton Bowl, maybe a stadium at SMU? Anyway, Kenny Cooper (Sr.) was a favorite of mine because he played the same position as my father did in a rec league.

    Even went to a soccer camp put on by the Tornados. I think Cooper’s is one of the autographs I got from there.

    Good times…


  • Barksdale

    Just curious…

    How do some of our young players (Spector, Kyle Davies, Zak Whitbread) play with Enligh clubs when they don’t have many, if any, national team experience?


  • SonicDeathMonkey

    Barksdale, as far as Davies is concerned, I think hes still in their youth system, and doesn’t need a work permit. I’m pretty sure Whitbread, while being born here in the states, grew up in England. As far as Spector, he signed with ManU, and if ManU wants a player, they will get a work permit, whether they meet the criteria or not.


  • Lee

    Cooper was the longtime coach for the Baltimore Blast, used to love hearing him interviewed with his English accent.


  • emanon

    Not sure if you making a joke, or suffering from a case of confusing the “enny’s”

    Kenny Cooper = English Dad

    Benny Feilhaber = Born in Brazil


  • BBB

    Ooohhh, I get it! If a parent is born there you don’t need a work permit. Got it. Wait, but he’s American…?

    Agreed – best post ever, Ives.

    Up the Rapids – BBB


  • Seth|NYC

    If his dad is English, how does he qualify for a Welsh work permit?


    Jeebus, those British people are “daft”.


  • Jacob

    I think the shocking part of this whole thing is that he actually has 2 caps. Who knew? When?


  • Dan Karell

    Yea Kenny used to be on Man United anyway for a while as a kid so im sure he could have applied for british citizenship anyways.


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