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Chelsea eyes Kaka (again)


Don’t you just love billionaire magnates who think they can buy whatever they want? Consider the case of Roman Abramovich. The Russian owner of Chelsea FC apparently has his sights set on spending a mountain of cash on luring a star Brazilian to Stamford Bridge. Now that the quest for Robinho is dead thanks to Real Madrid shutting the door on a potential move, Chelsea has decided to go up in class in its chase for some Jogo Bonito.

The next target is Kaka. The interest is nothing new but it appears that the Blues can smell blood in its quest to dethrone Manchester United and they know landing Kaka would give a HUGE boost to their EPL and Champions League title chances.

The only problem is AC Milan, which has stated repeatedly that it doesn’t intend to sell its best player. Money talks though and you can’t help but wonder if Abramovich is ready to sign a blank check to land the star known as Ricky Kaka. Does Milan selling make much sense? Not really, but if you send them enough money they could presumably add two or three top-shelf players before the transfer window closes on Aug. 31.

So what you think? Does Chelsea have a real chance of luring Kaka to England? Do you think Milan would be crazy to sell, or crazy to turn down an astronomical offer?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Dannyc58

    I don’t mean this rudely, but I really doubt it happens. Less than 2 weeks, so they can’t get a replacement? Really don’t see it. Next summer would make more sense to me.


  • matt

    honestly i hope it happens if only for the sake of what happens to chelsea’s 87 world class midfielders that are already there. for milan, really…they’re in need of a rebuilding anyway and should take the cash if and only if it’s a ridiculous 90m+ sort of sum and take that money and retool their team. i dont think any of this would happen but it would be awesome if it did.


  • rambo

    I can see Milan doing this so they can start rebuilding because the average age of their team is around 30. With this they can buy(not saying they will, just being hypothetical) arshavin, Berbatov, and two good young defenders to help make this team a little younger. They still have some very talented players in Pirlo, Ronaldhino, Nesta, Gattuso, Pato, and Seedorf.


  • Tim

    I don’t see it. Milan wouldn’t have enough time to turn a deal with another top tier player before the end of the transfer window. They’re under more than a little pressure to place highly, or win, the Serie A this season after finishing 5th last season, and selling their best talent would just be monumentally stupid. Kaka stays!


  • kpugs

    Milan shouldn’t sell Kaka. But how could they turn down, just for an example, 100 million Euro for him?

    At some point, any team should sell any player for that much money. This would include C. Ronaldo as well, although cheapskates Madrid would rather play the mental games than offer up that much moolah.

    Roman still thinks he can buy trophies though, just because they won a major one after he dropped half a billion. He has no concept of chemistry.


  • scott47a

    I hate Chelsea.

    Money is ruining the game. I’m still hoping Putin nationalizes Russian oil wealth at some point and puts us out of this misery.


  • mig22

    Since there are no quotes in the…get this…Star Sports…article and nobody from the club have indicated any interest in Kaka…it’s just a rumor probably.

    Chelsea has made three reasonable acquisitions in the last 2 seasons and have sold and loaned players to compensate. It’s such a non-issue at this point. Why doesn’t everybody get excited when Liverpool spends like demons as they have for the past 3 years? Or Real Madrid? Or AC Milan ferchrissakes?

    Seems kinda targeted to one team.


  • mig22

    Correction: Chelsea bought 4 players. Forgot Anelka who was brought in when they were 4 players down due to African Nations Cup.


  • Dr. Rockzo, The Rock N' Roll Clown

    Chelsea gets:


    AC Milan gets:


    Andriy Shevchenko


  • Larry Y

    AC Milan needs money? What happened? Berlusconi (a multi-billionaire who’s also Prime Minister of Italy) bought too much of the toxic waste coming out of Wall Street?

    Seriously, this doesn’t make sense. Arshavin is available now, though.


  • Frimp

    Chelski are fine for now, I know it’s only 1 game in but they should let this current roster probly win some hardware this season then grab robinho for next year if it REALLY is too late this year, which it appears to be.


  • Frimp

    I’m not convinced Kaka fits in the squad so great. maybe he’s perfect for them, I could be wrong. Robinho a little hotter under the collar but I see him better in blue than kaka.

    also just to be clear, I hope Chelski dies in a poop fire.


  • Heffe

    Send Schevy over, and get Kaka. It almost seems like a dumb deal considering the depth at midfield already, but at the same time, it is Kaka. Also, I like Ballack, but if he gets hurt like he did last year, then it would be awesome to have Kaka already available.

    I still can’t believe Chelsea haven’t picked up Arshavin. I would rather see Arshavin come, and Drogba go. What a wanker.


  • Christine

    Chelsea has an embarassment of riches in midfiled. Where would Kaka fit? I think this is just media hype. I mean maybe I could understand this move if Lampard had left….that being said I think Kaka would light it up in the EPL. With all that space EPL defenses give attacking players to operate he would have a field day.


  • doug

    AC Milan would be foolish to not sell. How can they pay wages for all their stars? No CL money this season, and they have high wage, old aged (30+) all thru the lineup and just added another in Sheva. They could balance the books in 1 foul swoop with selling Kaka. Strange financial business in Italy, but then again, its Italian football


  • Isaac

    What if Chelsea does get Kaka? whats that mean for the players like Ballack, or Lampard? Ballack hasnt really had the best champions league or Euro.


  • Dan Drage

    I really don’t see where Kaka would fit into the current formation. The centre of the park is all sorted, if anything we could do with wide replacements for Malouda, Kalou and SWP, all of whom constantly under-perform. Robinho anyone?

    If we must sign an attacking central midfielder, then i’d rather have Michael Johnson than Kaka, as crazy as that sounds. He slots in nicely and would be the perfect foil for Lampard and Essien.


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