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Sneijder to miss three months with sprained MCL


Dutch midfielder Wesley Sneijder will miss three months with a sprained MCL, a boost of good news for a Real Madrid club that originally feared Sneijder would miss six months with at least a torn ACL. The improved prognosis is welcome news for a Real Madrid squad that was ready to press forward in search of a replacement.

With Cristiano Ronaldo sidelined with his own injury (he is recovering from ankle surgery), Real Madrid will feel less compelled to have to complete a purchase of Ronaldo because of Sneijder’s injury. If anything, Monday’s signing of Rafael Van Der Vaart should help cover for Sneijder’s absence.

What do you think Real Madrid should do now? Should the La Liga champions still sell Robino? Should Ramon Calderon break the bank to land Cristiano Ronaldo? Share your thoughts below.

  • Eric

    Real Madrid would be a great team with Ronaldo on the field, but there is no way any player is worth the reported price tag of $150 million. If they paid that much they would be putting themselves in a disastrous position. Van de Vaart is a good signing. There is no need to go back to the habits of the last few years when they had every star imaginable but did not win la liga or the champions league.


  • Shakes

    Agreed. I don’t get this hard-on to sign Ronaldo. They don’t have to play against him in La Liga, Real Madrid are already one of the richest teams in the world, and they already have top flight players in his position. And yet they are still willing to financially shoot themselves in the foot to sign a man who clearly has questionable “loyalties” to the clubs he plays for?

    Suppose he decides a couple of years from now that Real Madrid isn’t the “dream” he thought it was, and starts dropping sound bytes about wanting to go to AC Milan, or Barca, or whatever.

    I could maybe see the point in signing him away from one of their competitors in La Liga, but aside from that, it’s just irresponsible spending.

    If I were Madrid, I would sit back and watch Ronaldo play out his contract in Manchester United. If he continues to show world-class talent, get him then, and save yourself $100mil or so.

    – Scott


  • Shakes

    Now that I’ve got the objective thinking out of the way…

    As a Gunners fan, I hope they do sign him.

    – Scott


  • adam b

    with the signing of van der vaart, i think real will be ok until sneijder returns. no need to buy ronaldo. I’m a big real fan, but I’m sick of all this talk about ronaldo. i dont think he is needed in this squad!


  • Jacob

    I don’t want Ronaldo playing for Madrid. I’d much rather just keep the team they’ve got.


  • Nick G.

    I sprained my MCL and only missed 6 weeks. What gives? 3 months is like 13 weeks…


  • GC

    Nick G., It was a severely sprained MCL. Everyone thought he was possibly gone for the year. It was a terrible tackle by Diaby. Look it up.


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