U.S. Men's Olympic Team

Who should Peter Nowak start vs. Japan?


                                                                                 Photo by ISIphotos.com

The Olympics are set to kick off for the U.S. men’s national team on Thursday morning against Japan, which means that in less than two days we will know who head coach Peter Nowak has chosen to start.

The U.S. team has some very good options in attack, and some quality players will be left on the bench. The key for Nowak will be balancing his attacking threats with the defensive needs of a team that is lacking in the back-field options department.

Here is the lineup I can see Nowak trotting on the field for the match against Japan on Thursday morning (4:55 a.m., MSNBC) in Tianjin, China:

PROJECTED U.S. Olympic Team Starting Lineup








I think Stuart Holden is the most likely candidate among the reserves to crack this lineup, as he could be used instead of Rogers. The use of Michael Orozco at left back should help ease concerns over that position, though he is certainly not a natural there.

Another question for me is whether Nowak will consider benching Altidore or Adu in favor of having a second central midfielder with strong defensive qualities, such as Danny Szetela or Holden.

Now it’s your turn. What starting lineup would you like to see take the field against Japan.

Share your thoughts below.

  • Betinho

    Raghu – thanks but I can’t get it on MSNBC so i’m hoping to catch it on line. If anybody knows where that would be great!


  • Dylan








    That’s what i’d like to see, but I doubt it will happen.


  • ryan

    GUYS, enough with the downer comments. I wasn’t too high (still thought they had a shot to medal) But now I’m really not sure (insert Nowak joke here) I CAN NOT BELIEVE we are debating on NOT PLAYING ADU ALTIDORE OR MCBRIDE. You have to play McBride to justify the overage selection. (Not saying it right) And if I wake up at 4:50 in the damn morning Altidore and Adu better be on the pitch anything else would cause me to question Nowak’s intelligence…AGAIN


  • Matt Johnston

    I see a 4-4-2 on paper, but in reality, look for Edu to push a little forward of Parkhurst and play a combo D-Mid and Central Defender, kind of like the old Sweeper/stopper formation of my youth. That should take some of hte pressure off of Bradley.

    With mad props to McBride, this team will sink or swim on Adu’s performance and he knows it. Adu is the creative energy on the field and if he is firing on all cylinders, it will dominate the game.


  • SteveToro

    what about the other mac… dax mccarty! he looked great in florida in qualifiers this spring. i know he was a late addition, but he definitely deserves some pt.


  • FF & SS


    I think Bradley has much more freedom to go forward with club than he does country, largely because he doesn’t have to babysit whoever is playing in front of him. My point is that he does a good job of taking advantage of those opportunities. “Trash goals” is insane to me. Back of the net is back of the net. With the way he’s used for the US, I personally don’t think he’s in position to get those “toe pokes” that we desperately need.


    I posted a 3-5-2.


  • betinho

    thanks for the suggestions.

    As far as the line up I agree with PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo just because his name.


  • Kyle

    I like this line-up as well:







    Edu and Bradley are essentially the same player/role in this team. It makes sense to have one in the line-up but not both, and pulling one allows you to put a player like Feilhaber in the middle who can control the flow of play and distribute the ball to the wings and forwards. Feilhaber and Adu could put together some nice build ups if they can get on the same page with each other. I might start Rogers over Holden on the left, but both are solid choices.


  • rocky

    i cant wait to see this team perform, this is the best american team maybe ever. Congrats to parkhurst as a fellow cranston ri native i cant wait for you to perform and show you should be our senior national team cb. On another note as long as Altidore, Adu, and Mcbride are spear heading our attack we should be ok. The question is what formation and who plays with them. I really would like to see a 3-5-2, but we prob. wont see it, so i cant wait to see. Go Michael Parkhurst repersent!!!


  • Goalscorer24

    It all depends whether they go with a 3 man (*)or 4 man backline. If it is a 3 man backline you have Edu as a backline or midfield sub. If it is a 4 man backline then you have Jozy come in as a sub because I don’t think Bradley can hold the middle alone. He could partner with Feilhaber which adds some possession. Hope they can pull it off whatever the formation.







  • Isaac

    ST: McBride

    CF: Altidore

    CAM: Adu

    LM: Holden

    RM: Kjlestan

    CDM: Bradley


    CB: Parkhurst, Edu


    Has Nowak ever considered 3 in the back?

    seeing as how we’ve been talking about a shortage of defenders for a while now, i think its about time we thought of that option. Bruce Arena used it to success once in the 2002 world cup. it might not be so bad.


  • mike

    Everyones faith in Feilhaber is unbelievable. I think Klejstein is out of position out wide, but our best option to put crosses in. Let’s let Adu and Altidore float while McBride waits around to head the ball into the goal. Also Parkhurst is more than capable by himself as a center back so lets move Edu foreword to help Bradley win balls in the middle, he’s a better passer anyways. I guess you could call this a 3-6-1 or a 3-4-3.









  • Walter








  • papa bear

    as long as he doesn’t employ the bulls*** negative tactics he employed in qualifying.

    I am fully in favor of playing a 3-5-2. it makes more sense given the talent available.


  • Tom R

    The best combinations on offense so far have been between Adu, Rogers and Bradley. I would to see them in the first game.


  • cameron





    Just like pancho said, McBride should sub in @ 60 minutes, and find a spot for feilhaber in the middle after 75. holden in for rogers or kljeistan


  • jrnail23

    well if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Novak, it’s that it doesn’t matter what the obvious best lineup is… he’ll always do something different (in a bad way). Someone will play out of position, and he’ll start someone who has no business starting. count on it


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