You Write the Caption

You Write the Caption: The best of the Josh Wicks entries


                                                      Photo by ISIphotos.com

Wouldn’t you know it. After three months off, You Write the Caption has made a strong comeback, with this week’s entry drawing a new record for submissions entered.

Let’s face it, the above photo of Josh Wicks can’t help but inspire the comedy writer in all of us. I must admit to feeling a bit bad about the timing since Wicks isn’t exactly coming off a stellar performance last night (See Morning Ticker). Ah well, that’s life in the pros.

Well, it wasn’t easy picking from the more than 170 entries, but here are the ten entries I thought were the best of the bunch. I will let you, the SBI readers, pick the best caption from five finalists I select.

Now, onto the captions.

Here are the 10 best entries:

To save money under the cap L.A. has recently decided to go with a Chia Pet keeper (Huricano)

It’s Official! after searching everywhere Josh Wicks realizes that no one will ever find the galaxy defense. (Ed Dog)

"Giving up goals, so easy a caveman can do it" (Anthony)

I think I’m just going to stick with playing drums for the Roots. (Chuck)

This is your brain; this is your brain when playing for the Galaxy. (Rocco)

I told Play we shouldn’t have another House Party! (Sayreville FC)

Gotta stop hangin with Snoop the day of games (Doug)

Damn! I shouldn’t have shared my water bottle with Quaranta! (Chupacabra)

(To the tune of Afroman’s I Get High)" I was gonna make that save, but then i got high…" (Darwin)

Today South Africa unveiled Zakumi the Tiger, the FIFA World Cup 2010 mascot. (Wispy)

Now, it’s your turn to select the best caption from the five I thought were the best in the bunch:

I will post the winner on Monday so vote away.

  • giaco

    and I know whyyyyy,

    yeah yeah

    because I got high

    becuase I got high

    becuuuuz I goooot HI-iiiiiigh

    La La La lala


  • Dannyc58

    It’s Official! after searching everywhere Josh Wicks realizes that no one will ever find the galaxy defense. (Ed Dog)

    “Giving up goals, so easy a caveman can do it” (Anthony)

    my two favorites


  • Danny D

    Searching for the Defense is my favorite (not a top five choice.) Then I’d have to go with a tie for Chiapet Keeper and the Quaranta water bottle. Nice laughs. Thanks!


  • Jspot

    Poor form Ives! Bad professional blogger! posting “shouldn’t have shared a water bottle with Quaranta” I guess it is fun to joke on a Santino Quaranta’s fight with alcoholism 11 months sober getting close to a year I think, this monkey almost ended his career… usually you have a bit more class then this, poking fun at a recovering alcoholic…


  • SteveT

    Jspot, get a grip dude. Quaranta is a professional athlete who almost pissed his career away on drugs and alcohol and you’re saying nobody can make fun of him? Screw that.

    And I thought Quaranta’s problem was pills anyway, not alcohol.


  • cynthia

    Ives, I would have to say my favorite is looking for galaxy defense, why isn’t it in the top five? And the quaranta quote was funny but sad.


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