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David Bentley's dream goal


There are goals, and then there are GOALS. Wednesday’s soccer action in Europe featured plenty of quality scores, but none as jaw-dropping as the 40-yard bomb by David Bentley against his former club, Arsenal, on Wednesday.

You can see the video of the goal here (for now).

The goal was the first of eight scored in a match that ended with Tottenham scoring two goals in the final minutes to salvage a 4-4 tie against their London arch-rivals.

What do you think? Goal of the year? Not that special? Share your thoughts below.

  • giaco

    one of the more memorable North London derby’s in recent memory, and just an incredible match to watch for anyone really.


  • doug

    great skill and strike from distance, but really Almunia was too blame more than the strike itself. A blatant mental error. But then again, crazy things happen in these derby games. Oh yeah, Arsenal fans, I bet Philippe Senderos is looking pretty good right now


  • ccfc0123

    Almunia needs to save that…I give Bentley credit for taking a shot from that distance but very poor goalkeeping…Gomes and Almunis looked awful last night


  • nicholas s.

    What. A. Goal.

    Goal of the year and one of the greatest goals in premiership history. Chested down, hit on the volley 40 yards. Stunner.

    Match of the year by far, what a amazing comeback and a great story. Magical moments like this make all the pain of Spurs feel worth it.

    Just as a side note, Spurs are unbeaten against Arsenal in the last 3 (in all competitions) two of those being at the Emirates and Spurs have put 9 in on Arsenal in the last two.

    I’m just watching the MOTD Highlights over and over, I still can’t believe the last 5 minutes of that match.


  • doug

    what is it with Arsenal GKs and giving up 40-50 yard bombs. Check out this blast from the past


  • dr dcr vcr

    That Bentley goal was like the Rolfe goal last week against Red Bulls on steroids. BTW Senderos is injured right now @ AC Milan.


  • adam b

    i searched the web last night looking for this goal, no luck. i cant view it at work, so i’ll have to wait til i get home. hopefully it’s still around somewhere.


  • Mike_D

    I can’t get to that link…is it anything like Petrov’s against Derby last year? I thought that one should’ve been goal of the year. He chested the ball down and hit it off the volley too.

    There was an amazing goal in the French league last night too, not the one by Benzema but some guy I don’t know hit a rocket from way out that went as far in the upper corner as you can get.


  • CPTKevin

    Another Danny Cepero type goal… fantastic effort but a mental blunder by the keeper!


  • mikeK

    While the technical skill and the imagination is to be applauded, I think the keeper absolutely should have gotten it. It shouldn’t have been a goal if the goalie is competent on the play. I’m the first to give props on an amazing goal that gives the keeper no chance in the world to save it, but I think this wasn’t so amazing because it’s more of a keeper blunder than a striker’s goal.


  • Ed Ho

    I agree with a lot of the posters above – great strike, but Almunia should have stopped that. No way I would give that goal of the year.


  • eh

    great strike, but very saveable, even from where almunia was out of position. had he just hit the ball more solidly he would have saved it. still, great opportunistic strike.


  • Dannyc58

    Yeah its a great goal, but luck was as much a factor as skill. There are plenty of goals that are pure skill that I prefer.


  • kpugs

    As we all know after Cepero’s goal I am not about to crap on this goal as a total and complete fluke.

    Might be a fluke but it is incredible nonetheless. Of course, all the idiot haters are already speaking out, because as we all know no one should be able to enjoy such a thing. It has to be ridiculed asap! Thanks haters, I almost had fun for a second before you morons chimed in.


  • Connor B

    Awful goalkeeping. Almunia got a hand on it and should have had no problems keeping that lob out of the net. Just embarassing on his part if you ask me


  • Thomas

    Before you all start hating on Alumnia (who does blow by the way) take a look at how the ball moves in the air just before getting to the goal. Tell me any one of you bastards could deal with that as you’re diving over there. Had it dropped where it looked like it was going he would’ve saved it. It moved on him which is why he could only get a hand on it.

    I seem to recall Tim Howard giving up a goal just like that to Drogba a few years back and no one said how crap the keeping was on that one.


  • Justin O

    Uh…there’s a pretty crircal difference between this goal and Cepero’s. This was a shot that went into the goal exactly as it was intended to by the shooter (keeper error or not). Cepero’s was not a shot and went in by a fluke.


  • Danny

    If that same goal happens in MLS then many people (including many on this site) would say it is because MLS is so poor. It happens in the Prem and it’s something wonderful and amazing. Great goal, but I’ll take the time to remind people that great football is being played all over the world, not just in England.


  • Coach

    Great goal, but the stories of that game – besides the fact that it was the N.L. derby – were the horrible keeping all around, and Spurs amazing last gasp comeback on the road.

    As a Spurs supporter, this draw felt much like a win. Talk about a potential springboard to better things.

    Gomes was solid for the first few games but it seems he’s lost confidence. Scum need better ‘keeping if they fancy themselves a silverware winning side.


  • eric

    No way that one is just purely bad goalkeeping. Besides the swerve on the ball, did you see the pace??? It doesn’t look too much because it’s traveling so far, but when you see it from the behind the goal camera, you see what a rocket it was. You naysayers are no fun.


  • Joamiq

    You guys are assuming way too easily that it was keeper error. First of all, no keeper stands on his line when the ball is at midfield. Second of all, Bentley put that ball pretty damn near the upper right corner. There was some serious late break on that ball and it was moving fast to the right by the time it reached Almunia. It’s not like it was in the middle of the goal chest high. That is certainly up there for goal of the year so far.


  • Adam M.

    Robinho’s long distance missle following his run with the ball a few weeks ago was better because he clearly meant to do that, his aim was precise, and there was no obvious goal-keeper error. There is a find line between an outstanding long-distance goal and a rash attempt that lucks out. Bentley edges towards the later in my mind.


  • Chris

    It wasn’t that great. It was more of a lofted ball. There was no strenght in the shot. Seems like a lucky one to me. Nothing special in my opinion.


  • Joe

    It was good awareness on the part of Bentley to spot Almunia off his line, but seriously, that should have been saved. Almunia was only marginally out of position and did not do well to read the shot or react to it. Even with all that he was still in position to make the save, getting a hand on the ball after misreading its flight.


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