Hull's Geovanni says 'Chelsea will be next'


Just when you thought Wednesday’s clash between Chelsea and Hull had enough subplots, leave it to Hull playmaker Geovanni to stir things up before the battle of second-place EPL squads.

The Brazilian midfielder spoke out ahead of Wednesday’s match, warning Chelsea that the London giants are in trouble.

"Big clubs should be wary of us because we are going to continue to surprise them," Geovanni said. "Chelsea will be next after Arsenal. The Blues have a tremendous squad but they just lost to Liverpool, which is a blow for their morale, so let’s take advantage of it.

"Scolari is a top coach and I do not doubt he will be a success at Chelsea, but I feel sorry for him because we are going to beat his team."

Wow. Admit it. Wouldn’t you love to hear some trash talk like that from MLS playoff participants?

What do you think of Geovanni’s proclamation? Do you believe him? Think Chelsea is going to burst Hull’s balloon? Share your thoughts below.

  • dr dcr vcr

    Why didn’t MLS sign him this past summer? 28 years old center mid on free transfer going to promoted club in the EPL. He basically carried City to a victory over Man U last season and was benched for one reason or another. I think he would have signed if someone had made him a DP offer.


  • mikeK

    If I was at all a believer in Hull, I’d love it. But now, he’s got to put his money where his mouth is.

    It seems he’s writing a check his team might not be able to cash.

    (Sidenote- Bradley is starting today for Borussia, along with a guy named J van den Bergh, ironically)


  • Charley

    this is awesome! I am on the bandwagon supporting Hull, and this kind of confidence, while maybe a little precocious, and cocky, is what I love to see. Finally a player says what he means instead of giving the same diatribe every player says “well they are a good side, and they have been playing really well…” I hate that. Tell us that you are going to win. Tell us that you have the guts and the confidence to go in and beat the crap out of a team that’s seemingly better than you. I wish more of this was in the MLS. I think it would be good for the league.


  • Mike_D

    Chelsea is the best team in the world – I think they’ll be mad after a lackluster performance and yet still unlucky loss to Liverpool. It’s not a good idea to make them even angrier.


  • mikeK

    Nothing to lose? Sure he does. To start, he looks like a fool if Chelsea comes out and puts a hurting on them. Chelsea certainly wont lack inspiration, not any more, at least, when the manager pins this gem up in the locker room. Now sure, some confidence is nice, but like I said… You’ve got to be sure you can cash the check when you write it. Full marks to him if the Tigers march out and tear down Chelsea, but if they don’t, then he’s not looking so great, now is he?


  • eric

    Wow. It’s fun for fans (especially with no real ties to Hull), but I doubt the wisdom of it, even if Geovanni is having one of the best starts to the year in the EPL. I liked their chances a lot more before the quotes, though, Chelsea is really thin right now with injury. But pissed off? They are certainly better than the Wigan team that laid down the 5-0 smack in Hull’s only loss so far.

    Definitely must-watch tv though!


  • Alex

    Hull will be at home, GO HULL!!!

    I love that they are gonna go for the juggular vein on Chelsea!! That-a-boy HULL go for the KILL, screw the tie, go and earn those 3 points!!!!

    BTW, if HULL beats Chelsea, i’m going out and buying a Hull Jersey!!


  • Michael F.

    I love it. great for the game. Great for him to raise his awareness to try to get in the mix for his national team. Smart PR.


  • kpugs

    It’s a win/win for Geo. No one expects anything from Hull City. If they lose he can shrug it off. If they win, then bam he predicted it.

    No big deal here, though I’m sure some Chelsea supporters will try to make it one.


  • Beckster

    Totally agree with Mike – Chelsea would have been favored to come back strong after last weekend but this will just give them more ammunition.


  • DemonJuice


    If he played for a side that people actually thought could beat Chelsea, then he would have something to lose.

    As kpugs said, it’s win/win for Geo.

    If they lose, they were supposed to, but he motivated his side. If they win, he inspired it.

    This confidence is great for Hull and for Geo, who hasn’t had the best career.


  • Angelo

    love the underdog, and as a brasilian, i love how we just appear on the big stage in the futebol world. beat the rich spoiled pigs, i hope hull wins


  • aristotle

    I would have to agree with Mike_D on this one. Any chance Hull had was just lost with Geovanni’s comment. It was already going to be tough for Hull after the way Chelsea lost to Liverpool, but now I think Hull just might come crashing back to earth.


  • CPTKevin

    I’m with Alex, get the win and I’ll buy his jersey!!! Would love to see them battle for the title (ala Hoosiers, Rudy, and Remember the Titans). We need a new inspirational team that beats all the odds.


  • duck1318

    The EPL season is way to long for Hull to ride on this underdog wave for the ‘hull’ season. The giants of the EPL will get wise and knock Hull off its podium starting this weekend. The Brazilian Midfielder just has a big mouth and after this weekend his team mates will be asking him to keep it shut.


  • Gabe

    I love this team. I am definitly on the bandwagon. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they could actually compete for the title? I give em a chance tomorrow, it could happen. Being here in england, i may even have to get out to a game and see em play.


  • Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper"

    Hull will be at home, GO HULL!!!

    I love that they are gonna go for the juggular vein on Chelsea!! That-a-boy HULL go for the KILL, screw the tie, go and earn those 3 points!!!!

    BTW, if HULL beats Chelsea, i’m going out and buying a Hull Jersey!!

    Posted by: Alex | October 28, 2008 at 02:46 PM”

    ME TOO!


  • San Jose Soccer Guy

    Agreed: if Hull beats Chelsea we should all buy Hull jerseys, they will have earned our support!

    Lots of talent in the EPL but this year success seems to be riding on spirit – Liverpool have it, Hull have it.

    It will be fantastic if Hull can give them a good game and just maybe surprise us all!

    [that said, it’s always Man Utd FTW]


  • redbullfan

    i love “soneca” (sleepy) as he was called at benfica due to on and off. when he is on, this boy “has game”


  • Mig

    I think that the game will be pretty attractive….and then I think Chelsea wins 2-0 or 3-1. Hull is a very cool story…Chelsea is a very good team. Form is fleeting, quality endures. I’d be pretty surprised if Hull gets a point tomorrow….but if they do, that’s all cool. If they can do it tomorrow (get a point), then they are indeed ‘for real’ and will finish in the top 8. I don’t think so because I think Chelsea is the best team in the EPL and probably in the world….but hey…stuff happens.



  • kawa

    did i hear someone say Marlon King, he’s the man on that team . rate the brazilian but Marlon has been a man and a half on that team this season even with his injuries hail hull.


  • Jamie Z.

    I’d absolutely love to see Hull pull one over on Chelsea this weekend.

    Chelsea will DESTROY them.


  • DM

    Nice to see the newbies have confidence. It has carried them a long way already. I’d be happy to have them beat Chelsea, but I still think the odds are long.


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