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The SBI Friday rundown

Good morning all. Apologies for the late start to the morning but I was busy buying my Abel Xavier Halloween Costume (it’s tougher finding a platinum blonde curly afro wig than you would think).

I am at Red Bulls training this morning and will be offering some updates on the team. As you learned last night, Seth Stammler is out for the year after having meniscus surgery. He will be out two to four months with the injury.

Here is a rundown of some of the topics we will touch on today on SBI:

Bruce Arena gave his take on the Landon Donovan situation and stated clearly that the Galaxy plans for Donovan to stay with the team in MLS. That story is getting very interesting.


We spoke to Sacha Kljestan about Chivas USA’s upcoming series with Real Salt Lake.


If you noticed the finalists for MLS rookie of the year and newcomer of the year you might have noticed some very weak candidate lists. We’ll give our take on what was a truly disappointing year for new MLS players.


Juan Carlos Osorio admitted that he will be giving some new players chances in the Houston playoff series, and all but admitted that some players have run out of chances.


This weekend’s soccer on TV will be up this afternoon. Look for it around 2pm.


The MLS playoffs started last night but the SBI playoff predictions will be up later today. I can tell you Chicago fans will either be happy, or think we’re trying to jinx them.

That’s all for now. Feel free to discuss any of these topics in the comments section below and be sure to check back in throughout the day as we cover these topics.

  • Steve

    It’s not too late to change your mind after that disjointed ‘performance’ last night.


  • kpugs

    This Donovan crap is getting interesting. I was looking forward to him going to Europe so I could get a break from the emotional rollercoaster he puts me on, going from being a crybaby premadonna diver for L.A. and one of the true anchors of the U.S. national team.


  • arkjayback

    I know Landon is a great player, but shouldn’t the Galaxy realize that they need his salary to pay for more good players instead of the horrible ones they have? I mean, the Galaxy were at the top of a very weak western conference early in the year with Beckham and

    Donovan playing out of this world soccer, but they finished at the bottom of the league with both of them.

    I don’t know why they would try to keep him here considering they can get a good transfer fee for him as well. They need more pieces around the field, Donovan, Buddle, and Beckham can only do so much.


  • doug

    I hope the Donovan thing doesnt turn into some long drawn out soap opera. What else does Bruce expect him to do? He won a title, MVP, and is the all-time Galaxy goal leader. If the guy wants to go let him go. I never understood the point of keeping a player on your team who wants to leave. Isnt that counterproductive to the team concept. If this drags on Ives, do you think MLS will step in and try to broker a deal? Donovan’ stock will never be higher than now and they would be dumb not to cash in. Lets not forget the Eddie Johnson/Benfica debacle which essentially cost MLS like 4 million dollars when they didnt sell while Eddie’s stock was high. They waited and transferred him to Fulham for 2 harrod’s bags and a meat pie


  • roberto

    Ives you should go to ricky’s in NYC to the werewolves masks section and add to that a blonde Afro wig and galaxy jersey and you should be fine. I got my hair cut short my Seattle jersey and black C Klein underwear and ready for tonight


  • RK

    I think finding an Xavier jersey would be tougher than finding his wig — especially in that city.


  • Hector

    landon donovan stay with the galaxy? is the league going to block a transfer or ask for way too much…? personally i think he’s done all he can to help the league and deserves the right to leave if he chooses.


  • eric

    What happens to Arena if Donovan does go? The Gals management already ran around him on the Beckham loan, and if he loses this one, you could see him conclude he has no say in team matters. It might actually get worse in Galaxy land, hard to imagine.


  • Drew

    I have a feeling Arena is basically saying that if a team doesn’t make a very strong offer for Landon, then they are prepared to keep him. It’s simply the start of negotiations with the European teams (I think).

    Nyarko will turn out to be a very good MLS player, but didn’t have much of a shot this yr. with being in school until May or so, and then w/a few injuries taboot. I think the rookie class deserves a bit of time b/f it is too harshly judged. (ex…Soumare was far from a beast his rookie yr)

    I don’t have anything against NY, well, I should say anything more against them than any other team in the East, but I absolutely love seeing JCO have a crap year this year. May it continue…

    Last night’s attendance and play (I understand the playoff, tough defensive play argument) certainly didn’t help the MLS become a more popular league in this country. The game was quite boring and the 5000 people in the huge stadium made it look and feel like a high school game…and on nat’l tv no less. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for any casual onlookers. NE fans = WEAK! I mean…seriously!??? 5000 for a playoff game against the Fire???


  • WK

    agreed- NE fans let their team down last nite, but also thought the league didnt do them any favors w/ a thurs nite game- forget the espn ‘prime time’ show once playoffs start or find a different tv option for the playoffs.


  • Youth Movement

    Sassano is a gamer, and will rise to the occasion like he did against Beckman earlier in the season…


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