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What next for dismissed U.S. Under-17 star Martinez?


                                              Photo by ISIphotos.com

It was about 10 months ago when most U.S. national team fans first saw or heard about Carlos Martinez.

The young Under-17 national team player wowed spectators with his two game-winning goals in last winter’s Nike Friendlies and eager and overzealous fans began penciling him in as one of the potential stars of the national team program even though he was just 15 at the time.

Martinez was certainly on that track as one of the jewels of the U.S. Under-17 national team residency program. At least before he was kicked out of the program recently.

ESPN Soccernet colleague Justin Rodriguez was all over the news that Martinez was dismissed from the residency program in Bradenton, Florida for violating team rules repeatedly, shedding some major light onto an unfortunate situation.

Martinez already has an agent and there is talk about professional trials and potential contracts for a player who doesn’t even turn 17 until January.

Has Martinez become a victim of his own hype? Is it just a case of an immature kid making some mistakes? Count me among those who worry about the future of a player who could wind up joining a long list of players who never fulfilled their potential because of their own inability to grow up, or the inability of those around them to lead them down the right path.

Again, Martinez just 16, so there’s still time for him to figure things out. Here is hoping he doesn’t lose his way because Martinez certainly has the talent to be special, but history has shown us that talent alone can only get you so far.

What do you think of the Carlos Martinez situation? Share your thoughts below.

  • InTheKnow

    This was not Carlos’ first offense. He has been warned in the past and was made to remain in Bradenton while the team went to Chicago last year for a pretty serious offense. The boys in Bradenton said the Cabrera was sick about having to send him home. Don’t be be surprised if he is brought back into the fold before the world cup.


  • brett

    for all the posters who are claiming this was the USSF’s fault then you need the full details..

    this was not the kid’s first offense… he’s a repeat rule breaker…. and while i understand he’s just a kid, he also needs to take this lesson and learn from it…

    he wont pull a subotic, as he’s claimed he still dreams of playing with the US… he and his agent realize it was his fault, not that the USSF is attacking him… he’ll be back in the USSF picture before we realize it…. if not with the U17’s, then with the U20’s… we arent going to abandon a kid of this potential over something as small as breaking curfew…


  • brett

    and i stress….

    “Martinez still dreams of playing for the full U.S. national team one day”

    “I miss my friends, my coaches, the training sessions,” said Martinez in a brief statement. “That was my home and I loved the whole experience. It was a dream come true. To be around kids that exceptional was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

    Martinez will work his way back into the system, there is no doubt… this is a lesson he should take to heart and learn from…..


  • Michael F.

    His Dad, agent and one of his advisors all commented on the situation. How about he gets rid of the agent and “advisors” and just listens to his parents and coaches? All the others have financial interests in him and are surely filling his head with crap leadinf him down the wrong path.


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