You Write the Caption

You Write the Caption: The Freddie Ljungberg edition

Welcome to the latest installment of You Write the Captions. This week’s contest features a photo of Major League Soccer’s newest millionaire, Seattle Sounders FC signing Freddie Ljungberg, who already has fans in Seattle buzzing about the impact he could make on and off the field.

The photo in question isn’t necessarily a funny one, but it does leave plenty of room for creativity on the caption front. It’s up to you to deliver the humor.

Before we get to the photo, congratulations are in order to Dave (whichever Dave he may be) for the winning entry in the Ronaldo Rehab edition of YWTC. His submission was voted the top choice, edging out my favorite, from Pablo Chicago, 33 percent to 25 percent.

Now, on to the Ljungberg photo:


"Freddie Ljungberg thinks for a second before finally accepting the fact that playing in MLS beats having to keep posing in his underwear."

That was my take. Now it’s your turn. Submit a relatively brief caption to go along with it. I will select the best entries and let you, the readers, vote on the best entry.

Fire away:

  • Mark

    As Freddie Ljungberg holds up the Seattle Sounders scarf he is day dreaming about shopping at the local IKEA.


  • Alex

    **Drumroll** (while opening eyes)

    YES! I’ve always wanted to be QuarterBack in the NFL for the Seahawks!


  • Ryan

    “I knew I shouldn’t have let the future of my career rest on the contents of a novelty Fortune Cookie. Touchee Mr. Carey…… Touchee.”


  • Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper"

    One more!

    Calvin’s scarves are such higher quality. Do these have matching gloves?


  • Luis

    man, with all these comments about not knowing where/what/who/when Seattle is, you’d think we’re in Alaska. I guess geography really is a dying subject in public schools these days…


  • Graeme

    Um..yeah…I’m going to need you to move a little to the left…right…ohh that’s good…


  • supsam

    “I am soooooo going to design the next Sounders’scarf…but next time with cashmere”


  • supsam

    (reading hidden post it)


    My name is Fredrikkkk Ljungberg. I come from Sweden. I captained my team in Euro 2008. So far i love the city of Se-se-seat-seatl-seatly? My name is Fredrikkk Ljungberg


  • Matt K

    “All right now,I signed for the Galaxy and all I have to do is wait for Tom Cruise to invite me and… (someone whispers in his ear) You’re telling me this isn’t Los Angeles? Oh well, they did give me the Space Needle in the contract.”


  • Mike

    “Suckers?!…oh Sounders”…..”heh – suckers”

    – What was that Freddie?

    “uh, nothing”


  • Pablo Chicago

    Freddie doesn’t realize the microphones are still on when he sings:

    Do a little dance

    Wave an ugly scarf

    Get Paid Tonight!

    Get Paid Tonight!


  • Fireball

    After only two days stateside, the gorgeous Freddie Ljungberg wins his first US competition: Miss Seattle 2008.


  • Arriaga

    After years spent living in dismal England, Freddie Ljungberg arrives on the American west coast excited to finally start working on his tan.


  • sidenetting

    Oh I get it now…Freddie knows that in three years his hairline will meet his bald spot, he’ll pack on the pounds with the rainy weather and his plan will be complete… He will be a shoe-in for the Steve Ballmer Story


  • chupacabra

    Ljungberg reconsiders his decision to sign with the Seattle Sounders when he discovers that Procede and Enzyte are included on MLS’s long list of banned substances.


  • chupacabra

    Dear Freddie,

    Welcome to MLS. Please enjoy this scarf.

    Your friend,

    Ben Olsen

    P.S. Can I have your match jersey?


  • Dave in San Jose

    “Yeah – the scarf is nice. But where’s my platter-of-meatballs signing bonus?”


  • Dave in San Jose

    ” ‘Mamma mia!’ I’m glad you would ‘take a chance on me’ and give me ‘money, money, money’. Hope I don’t meet my ‘Waterloo’ here. (What? Doesn’t the rest of the world speak in ABBA song titles too?)”


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