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Agoos addresses Red Bulls second DP slot, Van Den Bergh and a Bradley allocation (among other things)

New York Red Bulls sporting director Jeff Agoos held a telephone conference call call today to take some questions from the media, and since he does have a habit of dancing around questions, the call sounded a bit like this:

In all seriousness, Agoos did share some interesting tidbits, including the following:

The Red Bulls will keep the Chivas USA designated player slot as long as MLS maintains the Designated Player rule, which means that if MLS votes to keep the DP slot mechanism next year (which is expected), the Red Bulls will still have Chivas USA's slot (unless it trades the slot). My information with regard to the slot is a bit different, with the Red Bulls having the slot through the 2011 season.

The Red Bulls could go in any one of three directions with its vacant DP slot: use it, trade it or hold onto it and target someone for 2010. Agoos also sounded down on the idea of using the slot mid-way through the season.

While Agoos did not come out and say that he agrees with head coach Juan Carlos Osorio's opinion that the team is better off trading a DP slot than having two DP players on the roster, Agoos did agree that fielding a strong and balanced team is made tougher by the presence of two DP slots because of the amount of salary taken up.

Agoos confirmed that the Red Bulls did receive an allocation from Michael Bradley's transfer from Heerenveen to Borussia Moenchengladbach, but would not reveal how much the allocation was.

Agoos confirmed that Juan Pablo Angel is under contract for the 2009 season.

Agoos confirmed that the Red Bulls and Van Den Bergh have had extensive contract talks, but offered no new insight on the situation.

Those are the highlights. I will post more if any come to light.

What do you think of these developments? Share your thoughts below.

  • fubar

    The Chevy Chase reference is right on with JA. He’s about as good in the NYRB front office as he was on the pitch. Which is to say, NOT VERY.

    Loving the fact that my new team, Philadelphia, will have field day against NYRB with the likes of JA in the front office. What a tool.


  • BoRiUaNo616





    only esc members know how this chant go so every1 else just keep scratching your heads ahaha… WE LOVE YA METRO!


  • Joamiq

    VDB needs to come back. I know he made a ton of money last year though. Hopefully an agreement can be reached. He’s obviously not worth superstar money, but if RB can find a way to keep him at around the same number, I’d take that. Then there should still be enough money to sign a defender and one other player for depth, assuming we trade/don’t use the DP slot.


  • kahlva

    Huge props for the Spies Like Us video!

    Ives, does Agoos actually do a good job? It’s always hard to tell, but it always seems that the answer is “No”.

    I know, I know, you probably can’t comment…

    Yay for JPA!
    SIGN VDB already.
    Pressure MLS to raise the friggin cap, already. We shouldn’t be penalized for having 2 DP slots and the willingness to use them!! That’s what they’re there for, for crying out loud.


  • brett

    lol, after watching the clip and then reading the story i was laughing so hard at the similarity…. i mean did JA actually give any new information???


  • Mig

    I don’t know, that NYRB squad looked pretty well put together by the end of the season. JA can’t be doing all THAT poorly.


  • kpugs

    I’m definitely included to believe your reports Ives, but I was under the impression that a traded DP slot reverts to its original team after 3 seasons.

    Could you clear that up if you have a moment? I didn’t make it up obviously, but it was when they acquired that second DP slot that I read about it, so we are talking about old information here.

    I’d love to know the actual rule.


  • Tim F.

    Agoos didn’t share anything did he?

    I liked what the team did in the MLS draft last year. Hopefully, Jeff Agoos and Richie Williams will have similar success this year. I hope they are going down to Cary this weekend.


  • Stan from El Barrio

    Damn, first “Arab Money” and now a “Spies Like Us” film reference? You’re really bringing it this time Ives. Thanks!

    Agoos, needs to lock up VDB by the start of the new year. Give him one of those Djorkaeff deals where he gets a ton of incentive clauses and bonuses. Seriously, unless we’re getting the likes of Seedorf or a dynamic midfielder that can provide consistant, quality service to JPA, we need to ditch the DP slot and acquire a few MLS workhorses that can provide depth and challenge other players for starting spots.


  • RedBull Scouser

    “…Give him one of those Djorkaeff deals where he gets a ton of incentive clauses and bonuses.”

    How does that work under a cap? I don;t think RB can afford to hold any money in their back pocket if they want to put the best talent possible on the field.


  • 505anthony

    If we are keeping the second slot, and still want to add reinforcements to bulk up the squad, I don’t understand why we’re doing this with Rojas and Pietravallo at the expense of players who don’t sit on the bench and actually contribute like VdB. Seems he’s worth both their salaries combined.


  • Joamiq

    What exactly is Pietravallo’s cap hit? Anyone know? VDB made more than him last year anyway, but I agree that it still seems inconsistent to give Pietravallo so much just like that and then haggle with VDB, even if he does make more.


  • Beaker


    only esc members know how this chant go so every1 else just keep scratching your heads ahaha… WE LOVE YA METRO!

    Posted by: BoRiUaNo616 | December 09, 2008 at 01:16 PM

    It’s not that hard to figure out if one is well-rounded. Of course, that eliminates most of the ESC, so how do you train each other? (I keed…I keeeed!)


  • Eugene

    What a jerk Agoos is. He pretends to offer information and then doesn’t provide anything substantial. Who does he think he’s fooling? Why does he take the fans for idiots?

    I think its likely that every FO in MLS knows how much the Red Bulls received in the Bradley allocation, why would Agoos specifically not want to share that with the fans?

    His attempts not to provide info really just hide the fact that the man doesn’t want to be scrutinized for his actions. Yet he SHOULD be scrutinized because the club’s supporters still have no idea what he actually brings to RBNY.


  • Eugene

    Agoos, just give VDB the raise he deserves and earned. Keep the man happy rather than try to screw him. You have this allocation money, please spend it wisely (and not on Rojas and Pietravallo).


  • Miguel

    When Guevara was traded to Chivas USA for the DP slot, I read that the Red Bulls would keep the slot for five years. That would then be until 2011, so your sources would be correct Ives. Also, the DP slot rule is supposed to be reviewed after 3 years by the League. That would mean that it would be reviewed after next season. Theoretically, the league can take the DP slot/s away if they choose to do away with them after the review. I strongly don’t believe this would happen. In fact, I can see the league giving all teams one more. And Britton, you know less than Agoos if you’re saying that VdB is overrated. That’s a laugh, as he was probably our over-all best player this past season, and our second best player the season before.


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