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Fear the Flip Throw

In life, there are certain things you don't want to get in the way of, such as a speeding train, an angry bull or me at an open bar.

You can add flip-throws to that list, as this poor kid found out the hard way:

Here is my question. What did the kid think was going to happen? Other questions. Did the videographer know this was coming (the zoom-in makes me think so)? If you're on that kid's team can you keep yourself from laughing?

Share your thoughts and laughter below.

  • Andolini

    I’m a ref. The kid should be back two yards. However, the kid doing the flip throwin should just back up off the line a few more yards to make sure he gets elevation to get it over the kid — there is no rule that you have to be on the line when you throw, you just have to have both feet behind the line and on the ground.


  • CRM

    Haha, awesome. You have got to think that the blue team has been stadning in front of the flip throw all game and this is just the moment the white team decided to make a point. Bad coaching, don’t tell you players to stand in front of any throw-in and have some respect for the game, stop with the flip throw-ins.


  • A. Ruiz

    “Only in the states you would see a dumb throw in like that. Lord in heaven. If that’s how kids want to look on the field doing flashy crap like that on a throw in, our country is never going to win a world cup.”

    Except that this video is from England. I 1st saw it on the guardian website.

    Oh snap….let me get that salt off your shoulder.


  • GunneRR

    Damn. Out of all the people who made comments, I’m only the second one who doesn’t think it’s funny to see a kid get hurt.


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