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Revs sign Videira


When the New England Revolution drafted former Duke standout Mike Videira last year, it was seen as a hopeful pick on a first-round talent who was determined to play in Europe. That second-round pick isn't looking like such a waste now.

The Revs announced the signing of Videira on Monday, almost a full year after drafting him with the 18th overall pick in the 2008 MLS Draft.

Videira signed with Scottish Premier League club Hamilton Academical last August, but he never did make a first-team appearance before being let go earlier this month, with injuries limiting him.

An attacking midfielder considered one of the top playmakers in the 2008 draft, Videira slipped in the draft as word spread that he did not intend on signing with MLS. The Revs took a chance on the local product and that chance could wind up paying off handsomly for a club that could use his creativity in midfield.

“When we drafted Michael last year, we were aware of his desire to play abroad,” Revolution Vice President of Player Personnel Michael Burns said. “However, we’re pleased to add him to our roster now that he’s joined Major League Soccer.”

What do you think of the signing? Share your thoughts below.

  • BFBS

    I understand that the contract he was initially offered was a five-year contract. I know MLS does not disclose contract terms, but would this be a five-year contract as well?


  • Ted

    *Insert a joke about Burns being able to tackle player signings and potential terrorists, but not opposing players*


  • garbaggio

    Turned out to be a smart pick by the Revs a year ago. To me it’s the equivalent of having a high #1 pick fall in their lap for next season. Of course a lot of 1st Rd picks don’t ever amount to squat but Videira has the talent and potential of any other top prospects in this year or last year’s draft.

    What type of injuries did he have that limited him in Scotland?


  • Paul Lorinczi

    Is that why Stevie Nicol visits the fortune teller’s tent at the fair every year when it comes to town? Or, does he use an online tarot card reader?

    How do they do it?


  • Rocco

    A former college teammate of mine coached him in club soccer in Mass. Said he is a very good player, but whines a lot and as is a pu$$y.


  • VPjr

    Now that Videira has signed with MLS, i’m left wondering whatever happened to Joseph Lapira and if anyone thinks he’ll ever come back stateside?

    He’s another of those guys that could have gone 1st round last year but let everyone with a pair of ears know that he was “determined to play in Europe”. TFC took him with a 3rd round pick, which seemed like a smart move.

    Last I heard he was doing halfway decent in 2nd division Norway but he got cut a bunch of times from other clubs where he trialed.

    Ives, Any insight on Lapira?


  • nathan3e

    This is where MLS is after all of these years? A player cannot make the first team for an abysmal club in a two team league and the Revs are happy to have him? I would be interested to know if he had a single other viable offer. At a certain point you would think that MLS would tell one of these wash-outs to get schtupped just to kill off the Well, I Can Always Go Back To MLS angle.


  • Chris

    “Chris, you’ve been reading MLS Tumors waaay too much.”

    Posted by: SonicDeathMonkey | December 29, 2008 at 11:47 PM

    Nah I was just holding onto hope.


  • Biskethead

    I do not know the marketing arm of MLS but a lot could be added to the sport if they disclosed contracts. When we know a players contract $ we could determin if he is producing above or below his level. Wether it was a good signing or a bad one. We could evaluate MLS management like we do in the nfl, nba, nhl ect. Like they do in England, Genmary, Spain, Mexico ect….

    By disclosing $ contracts you could see if you underperformed or overperformed. If a cap was in place then we would be discussing how effective each clubs talent evaluation is. The Super Draft would become that much more interesting, just as the NFL draft is an event now.

    My thoughts…..ahhhhh…I can not say because of a lack of info. I guess I would have to say I am happy if the Revs sign 1,000 players for $1. How are we to gauge this signing?


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