Say hello to Mr. USA

Say hello to Mr. USA

U.S. Men's National Team

Say hello to Mr. USA

Jose Francisco Torres ( 

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With Christmas just a few hours away, and way too much negativity simmering following Neven Subotic's decision to play for Serbia, I felt it was time to remind everybody about a player who did choose the U.S. national team.

Jose Francisco Torres just turned 21 in October, starts regularly for Mexican power Pachuca, and is coming off a solid showing at the FIFA Club World Cup. He also happens to have chosen the United States over Mexico, which should make his decision to don the American colors doubly satisfying to American fans. A central midfielder with impressive skill and plenty of room to grow, Torres has a bright future and that future will be as part of the U.S. national team.

So take a break from all the hatred aimed at Subotic and remember this player, this American-born and American-bred player. It is certainly more in line with the Christmas spirit to appreciate what you have rather than regret what you don't.

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