MLS- Seattle Sounders

Seattle Sounders to make major announcement: I wonder what that will be?


The MLS Expansion Seattle Sounders have revealed that they will be making a special announcement on Tuesday. I will give you three guesses as to what that might be.

Actually, here are some possibilities:

  1. Drew Carey named head coach, Sigi Schmid to be new Price is Right host.

  2. Seattle will announce a friendly with the Portland Timbers, with all proceeds going toward helping Portland pay the $40 million expansion fee.

  3. Sounders to announce that cost of deal with Columbus Crew for right to speak with Sigi Schmid consisted of four XBox 360s, a year's supply of Starbuck's coffee and a guest appearance on Grey's Anatomy for Crew owner Clark Hunt.

Okay, seriously, we can expect Sigi Schmid to be introduced as Seattle's new head coach on Tuesday.

What do you think of this news? Think Schmid can make Seattle the third team he wins an MLS Cup with? Did Seattle hire the right guy? How do you see the Sounders doing in year one?

Share your thoughts below.

  • EDB

    well I’m moving out to seattle on Jan 4th from chicago.. so I hope they do well.. So I can root for them.. unless they play the fire.


  • mikeK

    No matter the coach, they’re still an expansion team. They’ll do better than the Galaxy, but that’s not saying much. No playoffs.


  • PCFC

    Well for an expansion team…you can’t expect much. But their roster is not bad. And now with Schmid. If Ljungberg plays with passion, and fan support/coach drives the team to unite…you can expect some good results. One thing I can’t wait for…Thursday night ESPN2 New York @ Seattle. I want Angel to show Freddie what a real DP is about.


  • Brant

    Give ’em 2-3 years. Once the Ljundberg contract is off the books and they can use the $400k from him to bring in some other parts, they’ll be pretty dangerous. Sigi will get at least 3 years, since he’s starting from scratch with an expansion team.


  • Tim F.

    What compensation did Columbus get for Sigi Schmid? Did Sigi make the expansion draft choices; if so, how did this happen?


  • Ryan

    Ives – You must not like Grey’s Anatomy because Clark Hunt has the personality of a dead moth.


  • THE Nick

    As long as Seattle is prepared to give Sigi a good 4-5 years, I’m sure they’ll eventually get into the playoffs…..


  • Igor

    I agree with what some poster said earlier – Seattle is good at playing the publicity game. They have a “major announcement” every week, it seems like.


  • BoRiUaNo616

    i still think seattle should be banned for cheatin and coloumbus crew be banned for crying….and that red bulls should pick wateva playas they want from both teams wat u guys think? agree?


  • Sterlinho

    I think the discovery claims will have a big impact on how well the Sounders do this season. Their current roster is OK, but nothing to get real excited about other than Keller and Ljungberg. I wouldn’t expect their draft picks to be a big impact in the first year so it’s left up to all those scouting trips that Hannauer and Henderson went on. We’ll see what they turn up with.

    Oh wait, I forgot that Joe Roth promised a a roster spot to the winner of the reality show Sounders Super Search presented by Disney. One finalist, Junior Garcia is the Scoring and Goal Scoring champion of the PDL. Maybe Sigi can magically turn him into an MLS Champion too.


  • Jagermeister

    Hey Ives,

    Portland doesn’t need any help with the expansion fee – our man Merritt has that covered. We just need the stadium deal from the city.

    However, we’ll take that ‘friendly’ against Shittle FC any day.

    Go Timbers~


  • Luis

    Portland is for losers.

    Schmid is a great hire. The ownership group is not afraid to spend money, so I don’t think Schmid will be hand-cuffed in that department.

    That being said, we are an expansion team and who knows what to expect. If we can find some talented young players or make some successful discovery claims, I thin we can be competitive much sooner than anybody expects.


  • Sterlinho

    Hey Jagermeister! How many Cascadia Cups have the Timbers won? How did the Timbers do against Hollywood United in the USOC? Garber and MLS will let you in to the league so that the Galaxy won’t be the worst team anymore.


  • Pete

    They’ll be announcing that they won’t draft a single player that played in that catastrophe called the college cup.



    SIGI is a good coach there’s no discussion bout that.the kindna style that the owners r looking for “fierce attacking” i don’t know if he could deliver that kindna style. All i could say is one of the best coach in MLS.


  • lou

    BoRiUaNo616 i agree completely hala ny, no place for cheaters in this league or we will end up like every other league in this country.


  • SwedSoccer

    If Parke signs, little Nyassi turns out to be better than his brother, Ljunberg has a solid defensive mid enabling him to focus on distributing the ball, and they grab a couple of solid discovery players (Monteiro, etc), then I think the squad is more than adequate for Schmid to lead into the playoffs. Don’t forget their schedule will be limited to just the MLS and Open Cup and they will have the support of 18,000+ every night.


  • Dominghosa

    Also, this should NOT go unnoticed.
    Congratulations to our man, Ives.
    For winning ussoccer.com’s BEST BLOG award.
    Awesome stuff, man.
    It was only a matter of time.


  • SwedSoccer

    Excuse my talk about Montero. It looks like he might be headed to Real Betis. Supposedly the Sounders only bought 65% of his rights with Real Betis buying 35%. This might mean cash or a player on loan from Betis. See goalseattle.com.

    what does schmid need to focus his efforts on with Seattle? depth is key.


  • Trex

    What about: Sounders announce that they will relocate to Oklahoma City and will be renamed the Oklahoma City Rain.


  • John

    Sigi needs to get on a diet or it won’t matter where he is because they will be throwing dirt on him in a grave and that is not good.


  • Cam

    If Seattle can keep the foundation of their team from this past USL season, and add the likes of Ljungberg, Keller, and a few other seasoned top level professionals, then they will have the tools to make the playoffs in their first year. Remember, they had a great run in the US Open Cup this year. And don’t forget Chicago Fire 98. Impossible is nothing.


  • heio

    i hope that Portland Enters MLS…that would make the DC-NY rivalry look like a joke.

    bring it. come 2011 we will be ready for the TA bastards


  • Don Seattle

    It’s Sigi Schmid!!! All local Seattle TV broadcasts has already announced his name yesterday (Dec. 15). Welcome to Seattle, Sigi. We will be better with you.


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