What to do when there are no games to watch

What to do when there are no games to watch


What to do when there are no games to watch

Admit it, you're struggling right now.

With none of Europe's major leagues in action today, you are suffering from withdrawal, and trying to figure out what to do with yourself when there are no soccer games to watch. The English Premier League returns on Sunday, but today is a day soccer fans will struggle.

So what can you do? Here are ten suggestions of things to do to help you pass the time and ease your soccer withdrawal:

  • Fire up some FIFA 09.

  • Catch up on all the soccer on your TIVO, from your episodes of Futbol Mundial to Champions League Magazine, to the Club World Cup matches you said you would eventually watch.

  • Reach out to your Facebook friends (and join the SBI group on Facebook if you haven't already).

  • Go to the park and kick the ball around (only for those of you lucky enough to live in warm-weather locations).

  • Break out that copy of Football Manager 2009 that you've been staring at.

  • Go through your jersey collection and see which ones still fit.

  • Work on your Neven Subotic dart board/punching bag.

  • Start researching travel costs for next year's big soccer events, such as World Cup qualifiers, MLS season openers and the Confederations Cup.

  • Read a soccer book or leaf through your old copies of World Soccer and 4-4-2 Magazine.

  • Read through the SBI archives to remind yourself of the year's big soccer stories.

  • Start preparing for the 2009 MLS Draft by reading the ESPN draft position rankings (goalkeepers and defenders so far) by Buzz Carrick, the Mel Kiper of soccer (and yes, I'll be happy to be the Todd McShay).

Now it's your turn. What are you doing to help pass the time on this day without soccer. Share your suggestions below.


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