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16 Jan 09

Good afternoon folks. I am making my way back to New Jersey. For those of you who missed it I did my draft grades for I can’t link now but you should be able to find it easily enough. Now, (…)

15 Jan 09

The 2009 MLS Draft is finally here and things aren't any more clear today than they were a month ago as far as how the draft order will wind up shaking out. Teams have spent the past few weeks talking (…)

14 Jan 09

Good evening folks. I am heading to St. Louis and I know many of you still have plenty questions. That being the case I have decided to do an MLS Draft Q&A. Send your draft questions my way and I will (…)

14 Jan 09

  The MLS Draft is less than 24 hours away, meaning it is time to focus on the final MLS Mock Draft. As you have figured out by now, none of the several trades expected to take place involving draft (…)