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Altidore completes loan move to Xerez

Jozy Altidore 1 (ISIphotos.com)

Jozy Altidore's loan move to Spanish second division leaders Deportivo Xerez is now official, a source close to Altidore confirmed on Friday.

Altidore joined his new club today for the start of a half-season loan that should afford him the opportunity for much more playing time than he has been receiving with Villarreal.

So why would Villarreal loan Altidore out to Xerez and not a bigger club like Everton? It's pretty simple really. Villarreal have long-term plans for Altidore to be a part of its club. Keeping him in Spain will allow Altidore to continue his assimilation to the culture, and will also allow Villarreal to keep close tabs on his progress. He is also joining a club that is currently in first place in the second division so he won't be expected to come in and carry the team. Xerez is also coached by respected former Barcelona player Esteban Vigo.

For those wondering, Xerez returns to action on Sunday to face Alicante CF, which currently sits second from bottom in the Segunda standings.

What do you think of the move? Like it? Hate it? Are you frantically trying to find out how to watch Xerez games online?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Mario in SJ

    Mig. Thanks for the info.

    Two strikers who seems to be doing well. I really hope things work out for Josie.


  • Oscar

    I think I’m desperate to find Xerez games online. I think Villarreal could still have used him this season, but its not a terrible move for either Jozy or Villarreal.


  • b rad

    Q- Who’s a big loser?

    A- Steve

    Ives, keep the highlights comming..its great, especially when I cant get to FSC…


  • Geoff

    I have to correct RK (above). Xerex is pronounced “Heh-reth” just like its city, Jerez de la Frontera. I lived there for almost 4 years and it’s a great little city. Jozy should enjoy himself.


  • Yossarian


    Good move for all the reasons Ives mentioned. I like that they’re loaning him to a team they have a strong relationship with, where they know he’ll play and get coached the way they want. It shows how highly they still esteem him.

    Look at it in comparison with Freddie who seemingly just got loaned to the highest bidder with no assurances of playing time or coaching. He’s lost at a club that sucks yet still refuses to give him a chance to crack the lineup, much like Bennie at Derby, last year.


  • Andy in Atlanta

    Some of you seem to be clueless about loan spells and how important they are for match blooding of a player…. Here is a list of superstars who were farmed out to smaller sides when they were younf….David Beckham (Preston NE), Xavi Alonso (SD Eibar), Rio Ferdinand (Bournemouth), Andrea Pirlo (Reggina and Brescia), Peter Crouch (several notably Norwich City)…NEED I GO ON?

    The loan will let Jozy play more and will also get him more attention than playing in the reserves for Villareal. Xerez are a good side who really wants to make their first jump up to La Liga…that is why they are signing Jozy in hopes that he is that extra piece that puts them over the top.


  • RK

    Geoff: yeah, I was pronouncing the X as in Xochimilco or Xochicalco or any other X-Spanish word, forgetting that the “real” word/name here is Jerez.


  • Ryan

    I dont know if it works on PCs, but I have a mac and veetle.com streams fsc and goltv. Bayern Munich is on right now. Hopefully Landon will get in there at some point.


  • Nathan

    He should have gone to EFC. I’m pissed. Of course he would have played there. Even more now that Cahill has gone down. Bummer. I sure hopes he plays a lot cause if he doesn’t play there, his mentality is going to sink. Jozy is sensitive. DAMN IT!!!!!!! Why not Everton? Oh well. Go Xerox, or whatever.


  • Brett

    If it means more playing time for The Golden Child, then I am in firm support.

    But if he goes there and is in the same position he was at Villarreal, then I don’t like the move.


  • de man

    to the people who say that he would have been a sure or near starter for everton, i have to disagree.

    they currently have a mixture of cahill/fellaini/anichibe up top and it seems to be working pretty well.

    anichibe is the weakest of those three, and he is still playing well imo. I dont think Jozy could have displaced Anichibe so easily and no way jozy would have started ahead of cahill or fellaini.

    it wouldn’t have been a for sure thing that he got more time at everton.


  • Drew D (From FL)

    Along with everyone else, I think this is a really good move. I’d consider it a cross-bridge from mls to the primera liga.This is better than everton because this gives jozy the opportunity for more playing time, and also important, more time to adapt to spain, their style of play, and their culture. I’m excited to see how this ends up.


  • Adam M.

    Jozy is the only one who can prove whether this is a good move or not. If he plays and scores for the top Second Division side, its a great move that will prove he is a step above that crowd and is derseving of his spot at Villareal. If he doesn’t, then the move doesn’t matter because it was obvious that Jozy wasn’t going to get many minutes at Villareal right now anyway. There are only handful of kids his age getting real time playing first division soccer in a league as good as La Liga, and they include some of the world’s top talent, so patience is a virtue. Jozy doesn’t need to be Messi or Bojan.


  • Der Amerikanische Kaiser

    Gotta agree with Steve and Adam on this one. It’s not like he started out in the Ajax youth system. He started playing in America for goodness sakes. Give him a year with this side. Am sure he will impress and improve along with that.


  • Derrick

    if he plays alot and plays at striker and not like out of position it’s great. if he doesn’t it sucks. That’s all there is to it.


  • madmax

    Not sure I agree with you Ives on why Villarreal accepted Xerez and not Everton. Everton would have been a much better career move, even on loan.


  • MayorBloomberg

    Do some of you realize why Villarreal kept him in Spain? It’s because he has a future with the club. Had he gone to Everton that would mean two things 1)Villarreal was willing too sell since Everton can buy him 2)They didn’t care if adopted to the Spanish game or not. What’s the benefit of playing in England if you’re a Villarreal player? The styles are different on and off the pitch.

    Why do you think Adu is on loan in France and not Portugal?

    Andy in Atlanta, Thank You!!!


  • madmax

    Obviously Villarreal and Peligrini lied when they said they couldn’t loan out Jozy to Everton because they needed him for the second half. After watching Victor Anichebe and Marouane Fellaini against United, I’m certain Jozy would have been their top striker. What a shame.


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