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Beckham show could be sidelined

David Beckham (Reuters) 

The David Beckham love-fest at AC Milan may have to be put on hold as the former LA Galaxy midfielder tries to recover from a leg muscle strain in time to play in Milan's match against Lazio on Sunday.

Beckham has scored goals in two straight matches, leading to a surge in speculation that he will stay with Milan rather than return to Major League Soccer. Based on comments from both Bruce Arena and Don Garber, it looks as though MLS and the Galaxy are ready to listen, but not to the reported $6.3 million offer originally linked to Milan.

Since the Beckham circus is in full swing, why don't we take a different angle on this one. What do you think the Galaxy should do if it does wind up selling Beckham? Who should LA go for? Should the Galaxy use its designated player at all? Are you hoping Arena finds a way to land DaMarcus Beasley in LA?

Share your thoughts below.

  • papa bear

    the only person who would come close to bringing the interest and fanfare that Beckham brings to the league is Ronaldinho. If they wanna give MLS Ronnie and keep Beckham, great. At least Ronnie has attacking skills and will actually produce something in the league.

    In lieu of that, $6.3 million is a joke. Even if he does have the buy out that many have SPECULATED (no one with access to the contract has ever confirmed that it exists)he generates well over $20M over what the league would otherwise be making. With that in mind the transfer fee would have to come close to that number. I don’t see that happening.

    Aside from all that, I’m more excited to see if Donovan ends up at Bayern and continues to excel.


  • Kaiser

    Some people have tossed around the ideas of bring in players from Mexico, but what about bringing some US talent back from Mexico. I would love to see LA add talent like an Orozco or a Sammy Ochoa or Torres. Doubt they could get tham all, but adding Orozco would help that D significantly.


  • aristotle

    It really does seem likely that wherever Beckham plays he will be injured quite often between now and the end of his career. He’s not durable and right now he is becoming more and more fragile all of the time. Part of the problem is his insistence on showing everyone that he won’t shy away from tough tackles. I wince watching him play in MLS where he goes into tackles that he should steer clear of. I’m not saying he should avoid physical contact all of the time, but sometimes it’s just not worth it. If he stays in Milan I think it’s even more likely he will be injured more because the players on opposing teams will exploit his tendency to get injured.

    A lot of people keep talking about how Beckham is better in a tougher league like Serie A because he has better players around him. This makes a lot of sense to some extent, but how do the players around you affect your ability to take a free kick? In addition wouldn’t defensive strategies and setup of the wall be tougher in Serie A than in MLS as well?


  • madmax

    To have MLS/Galaxy/Arena involved in the Beckham decision is a ride to disaster. Just bring back Lalas for a complete train wreck. There is no reason Beckham should return, none. Milan is prepared to buy him out of LA.

    Rumor: Bruce has Becks penciled in at LB and Landon at CB to prove his genius.


  • vipero

    Let Beck scores a couple of shots against Lazio, then take him back.

    What about Panucci as additional star at MSL? He wants to leave Roma and I would pay to see him on the other side of the ocean (still too close, but under the current global crisis, sending him to the moon would not be feasble)


  • Piney O

    If I were MLS I would tell Becks and Milan this: We’ll extend your loan through Milan’s league season but after that you come back to LA and your renegotiated contract that removes the clause where you can opt out after 2009.

    If Beckham continues to play well his return to MLS might be seen in a better light as far as the old “washed up star” that many thought when he first arrived. And if LA can tread water through May they’d still be in contention for the playoffs because face it Mar-Apr-May mean nothing in MLS


  • kofi_x5

    I’m sure LD stays at Bayern Munich. Without him and Becks the Galaxy season is finished already. No playoffs and maybe they score 20 goals on the season with 45 against.
    Other hand, if Becks comes back and still no Donovan, who besides Buddle will be there to carry the cross into the net? MaGee?

    Who else is on the horizon for this team?


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