Gallardo ready to return to River Plate?

Gallardo ready to return to River Plate?

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Gallardo ready to return to River Plate?

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There is lucky, and then there is D.C. United lucky.

D.C. was prepared to head into the 2009 season with the injury-prone Marcelo Gallardo and his bloated and roster-sinking salary, but now it appears that United might catch the mother of all breaks.

Gallardo has found interest in his services from his former club River Plate, a rich club in just enough trouble to think that a desperate grab for Gallardo is a good idea. Now reports are suggesting that Gallardo is a physical away from rejoining his old club, which just might kick off a party hosted by D.C. general manager Dave Kasper and head coach Tom Soehn.

So why in the world would Gallardo walk away from a guaranteed $1.9 million salary in 2009 with D.C.? There is something to be said for happiness, and Gallardo clearly wasn't happy in D.C., and there is also the strong possibility that Gallardo will be returning home with some 'walk away' money from D.C.

Regardless of how D.C. escapes one of the worst contracts in league history, if the four-time MLS champions find away to dump Gallardo there will be even more reason for optimism in the nation's capital.

As soon as a credible source or news outlet confirms the move as complete, we will bring you the story.

What do you think of this development? Are you glad to see Gallardo leaving? Sad to see him go? Would you like to see Christian Gomez return to D.C. after his one-year exile in Colorado? Do you want D.C. to go in another direction?

Share your thoughts below.

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