Kaka staying with AC Milan

Kaka staying with AC Milan

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Kaka staying with AC Milan

Kaka 1 (AP) 

In the end, money wasn't enough to get Kaka to leave.

The proposed record-breaking transfer of Kaka to Manchester City has fallen apart as the Brazilian star has decided to stay with AC Milan.

As if things couldn't get any worse for Manchester City, now comes word that Robinho has left the club and is unhappy for some undisclosed reason (I'm sure the HUGE money thrown at Kaka has nothing to do with it). There is also no word yet on the whereabouts of that lost locker room mentioned on IOSS.

What do you think of this news? Are you relieved to see somebody turn down a nine-figure transfer bid? Disappointed that Kaka won't be going to the EPL? Are you an LA Galaxy fan who is resting a little easier knowing AC Milan doesn't have a big transfer war chest to make a major bid for Beckham?

Share your thoughts below.

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